The Difference

I used to berate myself
As tears rolled down my checks
When I reached the happy ending

I used to hate myself
When I couldn't stop the jealousy
Over what others had

I used to abuse myself
As I tried to fit into a crowd
That tried to set me apart

I used to accuse myself
Of being the only different one
And the only one alone

I no longer berate myself
No matter how many tears I shed
For I will find my happy ending

I no longer hate myself
Because I accept my jealousy
Along with an awareness of theirs for me

I no longer abuse myself
If I don't fit in the crowd
As I laugh at their sameness

I no longer accuse myself
For I am not the only different one
And I am never completely alone

Now I just accept myself
Because I learned I am an ok person
And that has made the difference