Memories in the Attic

Memories in the attic

dusty and old

nearly forgotten

truths untold

The scent of mothballs

exhaustive heat

creaking floorbaords

beneath my feet

Bent over double

the ceiling is low

i study dust and wonder

which way I should go

Cobwebs in the corners

not much room to move

boxes disentagrate

all throughout the room

There in the corner

in a forgotten chest

is what i've come here for

it's why i face this test

I creep closer

fall on my knees

open the chest

inside is me

The lid falls back

moths fly out

i begin to cry

finally free of doubt

I run about

at last I'm free!

i roam about

my memory

They're all there now

even the bad one

i had hoped

it would be gone

It's eaten me

and made me sick

so i locked away

memories in the attic