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Just Peachy...
Summary: Bailey Fitzgerald; a fiery girl that's maybe not so normal, until she's shipped off to Oregon to live with her aunt. Coriander Bristow is selfish, cold, and completely indifferent, until he meets this waitress that has a knack for pissing him off.
Chapter One:
Non-Auctionable Waitress.


"Oh come on!"

"No Fuller, I will not pretend to go out with my school's star basketball player and ditch him right before the next game so he loses to you one on one!" I shouted angrily, stomping away from my brother.

"Come on Babe! We're family! Blood stronger then water, remember?"


"Why do you always do this?"

"Do what?"

"Choose the right thing over your own blood FAMILY."

"Guilt tripping me is not going to happen." I shrugged, walking down the stairs and into the Livingroom where I found my mom and my Aunt Julie sitting, chatting on the couch. "Hey Aunt Julie! When did you and Uncle Ben get in?" I smiled widely reaching over to give my Aunt a hug.

"Just a few minutes ago, your mom and I were just having a little discussion, oh well you'll see soon!" She squealed enthusiatically. Man, I hate it when she does that. Never explains herself, just leave me hanging. My mom winked at my and patted the seat on the couch next to her.

"Aunt Julie and I have been talking for a while, about you--" She stared at me meaningfully. Shit, this can't be good. "--lately you've been saying how you hate your job at the office, which I don't blame you, mail-person is the most boring-- anyways." She continued when I glared at her to get on with it, "Aunt Julie is in need of some help at her resteraunt, and you would be such a great waitress, and the schools there are way better then the ones here--" Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE.

"Are you telling me that you're shipping me off to OREGON?!" I jumped up, appalled.

"Oh don't be so dramatic Bailey." My mom rolled her eyes, "I'll be so busy at the office, and you're dad just got promoted, we'll barely be around the house. Think of the education you'll be getting there, too Babe. The school you'll be going to has all sorts of extra-curricular activities, a great music and art program, sciences, languages, drama, it's a fantastic school. And you won't be alone! You're brother will be going too, he's jazzed!" Jazzed. Now she was using my own lingo against me. "Plus you'll get to see Kaleigh all the time!" Great, my favorite cousin/best friend. Man, she really wants to get rid of me.

"Do I have a choice?"


Yep. That's how I got into this mess. Now I'm in my waitress uniform staring into a pair of cold steel eyes as I regret ever being born. Just peachy.