OH. MY. GOD. You guys.... SERIOUSLY. This is the LAST CHAPTER for Just Peachy! The end, finito, adios!! This is an epilogue basically, and the reason I took my sweet ass time with it is because I gave you a happy ending before so I could. But now I had the urge to finally get it out and be a good girl so here it is.
Just Peachy...
Summary: Bailey Fitzgerald; a fiery girl that's maybe not so normal, until she's shipped off to Oregon to live with her aunt. Coriander Bristow is selfish, cold, and completely indifferent, until he meets this waitress that has a knack for pissing him off.
Of Parents And Kisses.

"Alright, my mom is going to ask you about yourself in rapid succession, while sneaking in deep questions to see how honest you are." I remind my boyfriend. Man, that is so... odd.

"I know."

"My dad will fool you by pretending to be your friend," I say, tucking a strand of red hair behind my ear, "But then he'll straight up threaten your life."

"I got it."

"Watch out for my brother, I know he's been pretty friendly lately, but trust me he's been watching you like a hawk."

"I know, Bailey."

"Aunt Julie is sweet, but she's going to ask you about your intentions at the most--"

"Inopportune moment," Cori says, "Yes. I know Bailey, this has to be the hundreth time you've told me all this. Your parents will be here in an hour. Maybe you should relax a bit."

"Relax? Relax? You're kidding right?" I say. We were sitting on the couch in my Aunt's living room, we had been attempting to study but I kept badgering him. Finally I couldn't help it anymore and I snatched his book away from him(even though he looked good enough to eat, the way his alabaster hair falls in his face when he reads) and began, as he said, for the hundreth time to forewarn of my family's eccentrics.

"It'll be fine," He leans over and kisses me, my legs are drapped across his lap and he has one hand on my knee.

"Woah, woah, woah lovebirds. The 'rents will be here any minute." Bobby says, squishing in right between us. "This is not what they want to see." I roll my eyes, like Bobby of all people should have anything to say.

"Gee, Bobby, you're so kind." I say, my voice dripping in sarcasm.

"Hey, if it were me I'd let you guys run upstairs like rabbits in springtime." He says, winking at Cori. Cori had been horrified at first with Bobby's lack of... hmmm.... disgretion, but he had quickly realized that was just Bobby's way, and went along. Cori shakes his head and looks down at his book, which I only just realize he had taken back while we were kissing. Frack, he's good. I push Bobby from between us and onto the floor, taking Cori's unoccupied hand in mine. I guess he's right... It'll be fine. Just peachy.