When I Shiver

What would you say when I tell you how I feel
What would you do when I tell you it's real
Taking me down when I shiver
Making me wonder when you don't deliver

Are you waiting for me to find your heart?
I don't even know where to start
Taking your time like you don't mind
But you've always been so kind

And just happen to be there
I tell my self I really don't care
Emotions tear me up, reaching so deep
Drowning out of control, even in my sleep

I want to make you reel until you can't even think
Then leave you there, standing on the brink
Take you down when you start to shiver
And make you wonder when I don't deliver

(for once this isn't about me—it was my friend's crush and she kept saying how he makes her shiver inside—and when I gave her a copy, she was like "you nailed exactly how I feel")