My Sanctuary

The sands are still warm heated from the earth
I sit here on my rock, measuring my worth
This is my sanctuary, my own little beach
It settles my soul and puts Him within reach

He paints the sky, blending the sun kissed reds
The colors play a symphony in my head
The diamond peaks of the waves glitter and break
Such is the beauty only God could ever make

I remember the darkness and wanting to escape
Getting so smashed until my mind cried rape
And there's no real love getting banged in the dorm
The fire keeps burning, but you never get warm

But the Son shines in my heart now, I'll never be alone
I'm not perfect, but the Seeds have been sown
I only know what is real, how God's changed my life
I'll never go back to the world's empty strife

Here I am, a mere speck in His Eternal Sea
But life has meaning because He also made me
So now what do I do, how do I belong?
What's going to be my life's song?

He plucks the diamonds from the sea and hangs them in the sky
The moon comes alive with a yawn and a sigh
Someday, my starship will fly and I'll be on board
Roll me out over the waves and take me to my Lord

(my response to becoming a Christian)