Prism Changes

Pretty prism spins in the air
Mixed emotions hanging by a thread
Life and love isn't always fair
Refracted from the tangle in my head
Those champagne bubbles didn't last
From the crystal glass gaze of my past

The prism pirouettes into blue
Down and out and nothing's right
Unemployed and bills are due
The deep blue of night
Rhythm & blues or the color of the skies
Of ice and sapphires, the color of his eyes

The prism reverses and bleeds into red
Sometimes anger or the love that is mine
The valentines that were never said
The deep red of wine
Roses or chili peppers and candy hearts
Of crimson and scarlet, red raspberry tarts

The prism dims, fading into gold
Such is the value of precious things
Gilded memories too tarnished to hold
The deep gold of rings
Polished brass or goldenrods in bloom
Of Golden Globes & Oscars, Chanel perfume