Pain, darkness, noises... to much noise!!

Stop it!

Shut it off!!

To much noise, loud, loud, really loud!


The sound of shattering glass echoed in his ears and he fell onto a hard surface. His bare skin was dripping wet, several wires were stuck in his skin. NO!! Not this. I don't... He ripped them out, blood streamed down his arms. MOTHER!!

Hands grabbed him and voices filled his hearing, although he couldn't tell what they were saying. "What's going on!?" A strong, deep male voice demanded.

"Lord Victor!! The speciman he..." one scientist tried to explain.

"I can see he awoke." Victor growled. "Leave us!" Once the scientists nodded and left, Victor walked up to the boy. He handed him a blanket, "Morning Hanapu." He smirked.

"Where... where is... Mother?" Hanapu asked. Victor laughed, "What's so... funny?" Hanapu asked half afraid of his 'Father'.

"Don't you remember?" He asked.

What?! Wait...

"Hanapu run!!" Rose-Anna yelled.

"No Mother!" Hanapu screamed and ran to his mother. Then it went blank, screams horrorifing screams filled his subconciuss. "Mother?... Mother?" Blood dripped down his face, clumping his white hair. "Mother?" But it was to late.

"You kill her." Hanapu replied.

"No boy. You did."