Here's Chapter 2 pt 1.

LET US OUT!! the voices in his head yelled, the smell of blood was rank in the air. Fighting against their control, Hanapu had destroyed half his office/room. LET US OUT BOY!! Hanapu let out a scream, with quickly changed into a roar. He threw books and other items around, toppling the bookcase, gripping his head he collasped to his knees.

Blood streamed down from his wide eyes like tears, and his body went into spasms. Scientists broke down the door, and advanced on Hanapu. "The drug is wearing off." One commented. Hanapu caught the movement out of the corner of his eye, his snapped and lunged at light speed at the scientist.

He grabbed one of the scientists by the neck and ripped his head off. Then turning his grabbed another scientist and ripped him to pieces. A scientist lunged at Hanapu, Hanapu flipped over him and shot his hand into the scientist's back and ripped out his spine.

The two scientists left back slowly away, and one drew out a traquilizer gun. Hanapu advanced slowly on them, the scientist shot a dart into Hanapu's neck. Hanapu made a dash at them, killing both of them and made a mad dash down the corridor. He'd made it half way down the corridor, and the drugs kicked in, he collasped against a door and sank to the floor. "No... I have... to get out!" He pulled himself up off the ground.

"THERE HE IS!" He heard people coming. He yanked the door open, and stummbled inside. He put a barrier up on the thick wooden door, and backed away from it.

He snarled, "Who's there?" A voice asked.

Hanapu spun to face the sound. His defences rising, as he took up a battle position. His head was swiming and his vision blured. "I could ask you the same thing." He replied.

A young boy, the young boy he'd brought back from the rubble stepped out of the shadows. His once blond hair was now raven black and his blue eyes were now black also. "I'm Gibril."

"You won't get very far here with a name like that." Hanapu told him. It was taking a lot to keep himself upright.

"We the scientists called me CF-13 RAVEN." He answered. "And who are you?"

"AB-01 HANAPU." Hanapu replied. Then he collasped.