By: KomoriBlade

Ch. 1: Lipagron's Decision

(The boy is climbing up a snowy mountain alone. He slips, but gets his grip and continues to scale to the top. Being born within the type that his parents completed, forces him into the tradition of making this climb when he's 8 years old.)

(He has a flashback.)

Father: Lipagron. You've come to the age where you must make your journey to see the Light Beast and receive your special abilities. As you know, our type is dying, and we need your generation to be strong. You are one of the few of our type that is chosen to search for the Light Beast at such a young age. Climb to the top of the mountain and find the Light Beast. Once you find him, you will be granted abilities that you can perfect before the Great Quest which will be open to you when you're age 15.

(Lipagron looks down.)

Lipagron: Why me? Why now? I'm afraid…

Father: The Light Beast will protect you.


(The sky is dark and windy. Snow is all over the ground. He makes it to the top of the mountain..)

Lipagron: Light Beast?! I am here! Show yourself! I've come for my abilities!

(A very soft voice comes out from behind a small shrub.)

Voice: Very well.

(A very small sheep comes from behind the shrub.)

Sheep: Hello. I am the Light Beast and you're Lipagron, the son of LeMarrqueo.

(The sheep looks small and frail. Lipagron looks at it with in disbelief.)

Lipagron: Are you telling me that you're the Light Beast that my parents spoke about? You're the one that gave my parents special abilities?... You?!

Sheep: No. But I was there... My father gave your parents and many people of your type the abilities they have.

Lipagron: Well where is he? I need to see the LIGHT BEAST, not a small sheep...

Sheep: My father is here, but he gave me the power to assist you.

(Lipagron sighs.)

Lipagron: Ok, well lay them on me...

Sheep: Lay what on you?

Lipagron: The abilities...

Sheep: I have no abilities to give you...

Lipagron: What the heck?! So how're you going to assist me?! I'm just a kid, and I need to sharpen my abilities that I was supposed to be given by the Light Beast. That way, I'll be an expert at my type's abilities... What do you mean you have none to give me?! Where is your father?! I must find him.

(Lipagron starts to walk away.)

Sheep: Wait. Please come back...

(Lipagron begins to scale down the mountain. Suddenly, he sees a snake.)

Snake: SSSssssssssssssssss Hello, Lipagron... Ssssooo you're sssssearching for the Light Beasssst?

(Lipagron nods)

Snake: The Light Beassst isss dead... That little sheep at the top of the mountain isss weak now... That'sss why the people of your type are deteriorating... They're desssperate.

(Lipagron looks shocked as a giant ox walks up from the side of the cliff)

Ox: The snake is right. Your people are dying out, because they stick to the Light Beast's laws. They hold onto a dead leader. They use abilities of a dead animal.

(Lipagron's shocked look grows as a chimp riding on a giant owl appears.)

Owl: We all have great abilities we can give you.

Chimp: We can even combine and mold them so that they look would like that of the Light Beast's abilities.

(The Owl whispers to the chimp.)

Owl: We'd have to use what ever knowledge we know about the Light Beast's powers though. The full extent of them are still unknown.

(The chimp nods.)

(The giant ox looks at Lipagron.)

Ox: So child, what will it be? Would you like to be given the abilities that we have? We'd hate for the humans who follow the Light Beast to die out like this.

(Lipagron looks at the 4 animals. The 4 animals look at him. Lipagron lifts up his arms.)

Lipagron: I acce-

Sheep: Wait!

(The frail sheep steps out from the opposite side of the cliff behind Lipagron panting)

(Lipagron turns around sighing.)

Lipagron: What do you want?

(The sheep looks up at Lipagron into his eyes)

Sheep: These beasts are nothing compared to my dad! It takes four of them to attempt to persuade you.

(The ox growls)

Ox: What audacity! We're trying to help this kid! I can crush you like a twig under my hoof for speaking low of me like that.

(The sheep ignores the ox and continues to speak to Lipagron)

Sheep: What I say is true. Accept me, and you'll need no other beasts or their abilities.

Lipagron: But, why? You just said that you have no abilities to give me.

Snake: Don't lissten to that runt of a sheep. Your people are fading. Issn't that proof enough that we have more power than that thing?

Lipagron: The snake does have a point.

Sheep: Please don't let my appearance fool you. The Light Beast lives.

Chimp: The Light Beast is dead.

Sheep: Accept me and I will show you where he is.

Owl: No one has ever seen the Light Beast in person. This sheep doesn't even have proof that it's the son of the Light Beast.

Snake: Yessss. Many have claimed to be the ssssson of the Light Beasssst.

(Lipagron looked back at the four animals, then back at the sheep. He smiles and speaks to all of the animals.)

Lipagron: Why not have all of your abilities? That way I'll be the strongest in the land.

Snake, Ox, Chimp, Owl: Sure!

(They all begin to glow)

Sheep: No! I will not allow you to accept me if you accept them too! They are the weak ones! They're the ones who don't care about your people! I offer you my life, and all they can offer you are their stupid abilities!

(The four animals stop glowing. The Ox roars.)

Ox: That's it! I've had enough of you!

(The Ox charges past Lipagron and rams the frail sheep. The Monkey runs past Lipagron and begins ripping its wool. The Owl flies past Lipagron and jabs its razor sharp talons into the sheep. Lipagron notices the snake slithering the opposite direction and vanishing into the snow. When the three animals are done attacking the sheep, they walk away from it and back towards Lipagron. Lipagron can see torn bloody wool on the ground and a dead body.)

Ox: Accept us! Do you see how weak that sheep was?! He had a lot of talk, but he couldn't dish out the power!

Owl: He got what he deserved for insulting us.

Chimp: oooo ooo ooo eee eee eee. Take our abilities Lipagron.

(Lipagron looks at them in horror. He starts to run. The Ox rams Lipagron and holds him against the rocky wall.)

Ox: Oh, no you don't kid. You're not going anywhere until you raise you arms up and pledge that you accept me and my abilites!

(The Owl Flies up to Lipagron's head and points his talons at Lipagron's eyes.)

Owl: If you don't want to be blind the rest of your life, you better accept the Owl and the abilities of the owl.

(The Chimp transforms into a giant Gorilla)

Gorilla: If you accept me and my abilities, I will save you from those two in an instant. Make your choice!

(Lipagron looks at all of them and starts to cry. He's just a child, yet the animals are using force to get him to accept them. Lipagron makes his decision. He raises his arms. His lips begin to move.)

Lipagron: I accept... The Light Beast!!

(The three animals roar)

Ox, Owl, Gorilla: WRONG ANSWER!!

(Everything goes black.)