By: KomoriBlade

(The man with curly, white hair, Cam, and California reappear inside of a dark hallway. Cam looks around.)

Cam: Why aren't we near the other room where the Great Quest's participants are?

(The man looks down at his hands.)

?????:.... I'm losing power here somehow... I can't tele-

(He faints and falls to the ground.)


(Cam kneels down and slowly picks the man up.)

Cam:... Something's not right...

(California looks at Cam.)

California: Detective, you need to fill me in on everything that went on this past month...

(Further down the dark hallway, California and Cam hear footsteps coming towards them.)

Cam:.... Now's not the time. We need to hide.

(California and Cam turn around and see that they're in a dark, narrow hallway. There is nowhere for them to hide. Very soon, they'll be spotted. Cam thinks quickly.)

Cam: Komochi.. Put your hand on my shoulder.

(California looks at the detective like he's crazy.)

California: What??? Why?

Cam: Just do it...

(California sighs and slowly puts his hand on Cam's shoulder.)

Cam: Now don't say a word...

(California glares at Cam, then down the hallway as the footsteps get closer and closer. Cam closes his eyes.)



(California sees a group of people walking down the hal in their direction. There were six men and six women.)


(The people were all in eye range now. California was slightly shocked that the people didn't notice them yet.)

Elder 1: I'm glad this will finally be over. I'm tired of guarding that darn Moon Tree...

Elder 7: Heh, I know you have an entire city to run, don't you, Bue?

Elder 1: Yeah... At least I get to see my grandson. That is, if he made it this far...

Elder 2: Don't you have two grandsons?

(The leader of the elders looks down.)

Elder 1:... You're right. Rhen is my grandson..

(California's eyes get big. The group of people walk past Cam, the skinny man, and California as if they didn't notice them.)

Elder 11: That's your special one anyway. You shouldn't bother with the loud mouthed one...

(The leader of the elders looks angrily at the 11th elder.)

Elder 1: Shut up! I trained Buey ever since he was nine! I've known him longer than Rhen, so don't dare insult my own blood!

Elder 11:....

Elder 10: Don't yell at my brother like that! It's not our fault that one of your grandsons is a genius and the other is an idiot!

Ch. 45: The Final Challenge of The Great Quest

Elder 12:.... Germ, Cathy, leave Bue alone...

Elder 1:....

(The 10th and 11th elders stare at Illuminus.)

Elder 10: Look who's talking! Mr. High and Mighty Illuminus who always sticks up for people, but would kill an entire city just to control their bodies!

Elder 12:...

(California gasps. The elders look in Cam and California's direction.)

Elder 4: Did you guys just hear something?

Elder 7: I don't see anything.

(The leader of the elders turns around and starts walking again.)

Elder 1: We're running behind on time ya'll. The preparations for the final Great Quest are almost complete... HE will be around soon to add the finishing touches...

Elder 9: The last Moon Tree... Can you believe it?

(The elders open the door at the end of the hallway and continue talking as they walk inside the room. When the door shuts, Cam opens his eyes.)

Cam: You can remove your hand from my shoulder now...

(California quickly takes his hand off the detective's shoulder.

California:...... What... just.... happened?

(Cam looks at California)

Cam: I now have the ability to hide my presencewhen I close my eyes. Anyone who I'm in contact with also get's their presence hidden...

California: I wasn't talking about that, Detective... What the heck did we just discover from that conversation?!

(Cam thinks a bit.)

Cam: Sounds like the old sounding guy is Rhen's grandfather... Wasn't he the one you suspected to be the fake kidnapper a while back?

(California looks down.)

California: Yeah. All the clues would make me think that, but it can't be true. I'm the one who ruined my life.

(Cam puts his finger on his chin.)

Cam: You right.

California: The main person who shocked me was the tall guy. By the way they were talking, I'd swear that he was the President of Defume...

Cam: You're right... If he is the president of the City of Despair, then, we know his motive on why everyone there was killed. He can control people's dead bodies. That's kinda creepy... …!!

(Cam shivers in fear a little as he finally puts pieces of the puzzle together.)

((?????: He's being used by one of the Komo Doubutsu's elite now.))

Cam: He's the one controlling Lipagron!

California: There was one more thing that confuses me...

(Cam sighs.)

Cam: The last Moon Tree?

California: Yeah... I heard them mentioning it.

Cam: There is a lot that I need to tell you, but we really have no time for me to explain it all...


?????: Ugh....



(The man with curly, white hair wakes up. Cam slowly lets him stand.)

Cam: Are you alright?

(The man looks at Cam wearily.)

?????: I can't stay here any longer, Cam Red... There's something around here that is taking my energy away...

(The skinny man begins to fade away.)

Cam: Wh.. What do I do?!

(He smiles.)

?????: Just believe in the Light Beast and all will be well, young detective...

(The man vanishes, leaving Cam and California alone in the dark hallway.)

California: So.... Now what?

(Cam looks down and clenches his fist.)

Cam:... We go in the direction that those elders came from... We need more clues. While we walk, I'll tell you as much as I can...

(California nods and the two walk down the dark hall.)

Cam: When you released the Komo Doubutsu's abilities and your other personality came out, you tried to kill me. After you and the Trinume guy disappeared, I was visited by the man with white hair. He told me my true purpose...

California: True purpose?

Cam: I was chosen by the Light Beast to have his ultimate abilities. I was chosen to stop the Komo Doubutsu and all of HIS plans.

(California looks at Cam.)

California: What plans? What does the Komo Doubutsu plan to do?

(Cam clenches his fist tighter. He stops walking and his body slowly begins to shiver.)

Cam: Just thinking about it frightens every pore in my body.... I didn't choose to accept the Light Beast... It chose to accept me... Everything relies on me... Everything...

(California stops walking and looks angrily at Cam.)

California: I'll ask you one last time... What does the Komo Doubutsu planning?!

(Cam slowly looks up at California. His eyes begin to glow brightly.)

Cam: The End of the World...

((Chapter 46: Their Eyes Shall Meet))