Would you still love me?
Even if I was messed up?
If I was tattered and torn?
Dusty and forgotten?

Would you still care?
If my makeup ran down my face?
If my clothes were torn?
If my hair was messed up terribly?
If I had cuts on my face and skin?

Would you still think I was beautiful?
If I didn't wear make up?
If I didn't smile?
If I didn't brush my hair?

Would you forget me if I began to fade?
If I began to drown in my misery?
If I began to stab at my flesh in agony?
If I began to howl and scream in pure rage?
If I died?

Would you even care?
If I truly died?
If I walked away?
If I stopped loving you?
If I gave up?
If I faded away?