Author's Notes: A random, sad-ish oneshot I managed to dream/think of while I was sleeping. Hope you enjoy!


Finding A Way


"I have to move." Those four words shatter her heart; break her soul in a matter of moments.

"No," she whispers, "please don't leave me. Please."

"I have to," he replies sadly.

"No," she repeats, "please don't. Stay here. Stay with me."

He shakes his head, looking as though he were really thinking about it. "We can't. We're only seventeen. We're not of age."

She enjoys the way he says 'we' instead of 'I.'

She moves forward to wrap her arms around his torso. "Stay here with me," she repeats softly, looking up at him with big, forest-green eyes.

The eyes he can just drown in for the rest of his life.

"I can't," he whispers, pained.

She whimpers as she buries her face in his chest.

"I'll miss you," she mumbles into his shirt.

"I'll miss you more." She gives him a small smile, locking her gaze with his as she raises her head to meet his eyes again.

"Somehow, I doubt that."

He says nothing, instead bending his head down to capture her in a kiss. Unlike all their other kisses, this one seems almost like…

…like a goodbye.

She pulls away first, her eyes still closed – but not in bliss anymore. They're closed in anguish.

"Stop it, please," she chokes out. "It's not goodbye! It isn't!"

She turns on her heel, fighting back sobs. She feels strong, warm arms wrap around her middle, and she leans wearily back against them.

"I'm sorry," he whispers into her ear. She shivers from his warm breath.

A tear slips its way down her cheek. "I love you." She says it with no doubts whatsoever, not even caring about the fact that he may stay because she had just said that.

In fact, that is what she wants. For him to stay with her.

His arms tighten around her waist, and he buries his face in her hair. "I love you too."

Slowly, she turns again, gently brushing stray hairs away from his eyes – those chocolate-brown eyes.

She cups his cheek with a small hand, and he leans against it. Finally, she accepts it – even though she doesn't want to.

She raises her face to kiss him fiercely for a moment, her hands moving to grip his shoulder as he tilts her head to the side.

They need this kiss – this one final kiss of goodbye.

A honk sounds in the distance, and she breaks the kiss, a small sob tearing its way out of her mouth. With a furious growl, he pulls her to him again, hissing, "Dammit, it's too early," and then going about her mouth in a way she's never felt before. The power beneath the moving of his lips against hers sends her knees buckling, but she stays standing.

"You better go," she whispers thickly, turning away once again to stop herself from flinging herself into the comfort of his arms. She can't do that anymore.

She has to let go – both of them do, and, somehow, they find a way to do just that. Even though they don't want to.

She hears the heavy plodding of his feet against the cement of her driveway, and the rain beats down on her with a vengeance.

Perfect, she thinks bitterly, even the weather knows how I'm feeling right now.

The held-back tears stream down her face now, she not caring because, really, the rain would just mask it all.

She stays in the rain for a while – who cares about a cold when the love of your life has just been removed from just that – a life – with you.

The one thing that eventually makes her go back into her house is because she can't bear the spot of their goodbye any longer.


Four Years Later…

"I'm sorry. I need to break it off with you."

She says these words nearly after every date she's had in the past four years.

Because she knows that her heart belongs – and always will – to one person.

After the 127th time she's said these words she's had enough.

"I'm not going to date any longer," she whispers to her friend.

"Well, why not? You're thinking of buying a small cottage in the woods with twelve cats to look after?"

"Yes," she says, not joking, "I'm thinking of doing just that."

But her friend isn't listening. Instead, her attention is on a dark-haired, dark-eyed figure on the other side of the café they both were working at.

"I wonder who that is," Hallie whispers softly.

"I really don't know," she replies, but she does know – and her heart starts beating faster. "I – do you think you can handle him for today?"

She doesn't know why she says that, but she can't bear the prospect of facing him again.

"I can't, sorry," Hallie replies softly, "I already have too many people."

With a resigned sigh, she plasters a smile on her face, and heads toward the person she hasn't seen in years.

"Hello," she greets him softly, "what would you like today?"

He doesn't answer.

When he does, though, it isn't to order. "Jenna?" he breathes.

"I – I – yeah?"

"Oh my God," he says, standing up abruptly. "Do you think you can talk to me later? At the park?"

"S-sure," she replies immediately, and she doesn't know why she just said that. "I have break in five minutes."

"Wonderful." He smiles at her, and she briefly feels lightheaded.

Just like always, she thinks with a small smile on her face.

Seven minutes, and 54 seconds later, and she is at the local park, sitting on the bench besides him, wondering why in the heck she was here – with him, of all people!

"Well, hi," she begins awkwardly.

He laughs slightly.

"Why are you here?" she finally breathes.

"Well, I was here to grab a cup of coffee, but now I'm here to give you this." She emits a small squeak of surprise when his face appears in front of hers.

"Oh," she breathes, before his lips reacquaint themselves with hers gently.

He pulls away, looking suddenly nervous. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I still love you, you know."

"I love you, too. I always have. But, why are you here?" It strikes her a few second later: she's already asked that, but he answers with a different answer, right before his lips meet hers again.

"Finding a way. And I have found that way: it's you. You've always been my light at the end of the tunnel."




Author's Notes: I really didn't like the abruptness of the ending (it was pretty random, though, heh), but I loved the last line.

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