Drum Major

Drum Major

Standing proud

A God

On top of the world

(Your world, really).

Music flowing through your ears

(You're too talented to play it, aren't you)?

Arrogance bursting through your veins

Every time you direct a beat

In a measure

In a movement

And I stand behind you

(Wishing to be beside you)

Carrying the ten-pound pole

My death or my Savior

Because I'm close to you

(But not too close, you could get

A concussion),

But you can't see me

You're too wrapped up in

Mommy's little fairytale—

(I thought Mommy HATED you
I thought she made you CRY)

And I am rejected

At the back of the marching band,

Slowly wishing I'd been born just two years earlier

So it would be my body you held

And not that stupid clarinet's.