i need a reason to keep dreaming

I need a reason to keep dreaming

I had one once

but I have long since forgotten it

optimism and hope and happiness

are all fleeting, fickle friends

and so I'm stuck again

discouraged, disappointed, and on the verge

of purging myself of dreams

I tried so hard to be hopeful

tried so hard to come one step closer to my passion

but my life is setback after heartbreak after sorrow

cursed to repetition, I cry

sleep hiding in the night, refusing to come

and comfort me

where do you go when your soul dies?

is there anywhere for me here?

I seemed to belong for a while

but my niche has been filled by some

skinnier, prettier, more talented girl

I tried so hard

no matter

it is too late to revive a dream

my soul has long since come crashing to the ground

falling from its lofty position among the fairies and the cloud

what do you do when you're faced with a brick wall?

nothing seems right and nothing seems worth it

I have poured all of me into my dreams

and now it feels as though there's nothing left

so do I fight to pick up the pieces

or allow the torture to continue

with the slightest chance of dreams recognized?

I refuse to compromise me for anything

except maybe my dreams?

I don't know.

what do you do when everything comes crashing down?

maybe it's time for me to wake up from these foolish dreams

and face reality, however harsh it may be

I resign myself to my fate

there is nothing left for me to do

I shall bury these dreams into the ground

and try not to let bitterness overcome me

I tried so hard, but still, I'm not good enough

I never will be

goodbye dreams

our relationship was sweet while it lasted

I've lied about my practicality for too long

i used to say i knew my dreams were impossible

but a tiny sliver of me hoped in spite of it

that hope is no more

i am doomed to be dreamless forevermore