Flamma caught everyone's attention the first time she came to class. Tiny, beautiful, with a mane of black hair that shimmered with natural red highlights, she was the type of person who could be sweet and soft when she wanted to be, but threatening enough when she was angry that even the biggest, toughest boys backed down to the tiny spitfire. Most of the time, Flamma was sweet as pie, laughing and teasing, and only at her angriest did her laughter stop.

The day began like any other. Flamma and her best friend, Ria, were working on a project together. Suddenly, her head snapped up. Her busy hands stilled. Ria paused and asked, "What's wrong, Flame?"

Flamma turned and rushed into the classroom. "Everyone, stay inside!" she shouted. Turning, she went for the door. David King and Alexander Hall, her wo sworn enemies, stopped her.

David held up his hand. "We know what you are," he told her, "And we're your backup."

Flamma pursed her lips. She really had no choice but to trust them. At las she nodded curtly. "Fine. Come along."

As soon as she had gotten out, her whole body burst into flame. Slowly, the fire receded a little bit, and she stormed forward. Where she stepped, melted rock pooled.

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" she exploded angrily.

A young man appeared out of thin air. He smiled at her and, waving his hand in dismissal, he asked casually, "Oh, this? I thought you might like to be set free from those mortals for a little while."

She went toward him furiously. "Aire, you are the single most conceited male in the--"

He silenced her with a kiss. "Aww, Flame--"

"Shut up!"

He frowned. "I'm the king of the wind. YOu don't talk to me like that, woman."

WIth a slash of his hand, he did somethiing to her. Staring down at her small body, he shrugged and vanished.

Fear gripped David. He ran forward and scooped up her body. ALexander came and felt her pulse and heartbeat. "SHe's dead," he stated flatly.

David sagged to his knees. Clasping Flamma's lifeless body to his chest, he shook with sobs. At last, he looked up at Alexander. He looked up at him and said the three words he had sworn never to say. He said, "I loved her."