I looked in shock at the tall, slim boy who stood before me. In spite of his glasses, his freckles, his white skin, Timothy Angus was attractive. Too attractive. I felt my heart plummeting to the ground. He probably had a girlfriend. And anyway, I reminded myself, he's too old for you. He nodded in farewell and went to sit in his spot.

Two months later, I found myself scolding my niece in Spanish. "No, Sara, don't refuse. You play the game with the nice man, honey. You don't want to make him feel bad." She pouted and glared at me sullenly, but started playing the game. I was at a barbecue at the Angus' house, and obviously, they invited Tim. Of course, I live with my sister, so I was part of the package.

A minute into the game, Tim looked up at me and brushed his sandy brown hair out of his eyes. Smiling gently, he informed me, "I speak Spanish, Netta."


I slipped into the classroom early and arranged my things. As I finished, a smooth tenor voice asked, "Are you ready for class, Miriam?"

The girl in front of me looked up. "Yes, Ezra. I'm fine."

I discreetly looked at Ezra, and my heart skipped a beat. He was gorgeous. The type of guy girls go nuts over. And judging by his manner, totally oblivious to it. A girl caught me staring at him and shot me a glare.

Six months later, I was teasing him in the library and trying to control those irritating butterflies in my stomach. Suddenly, Ezra's sister, Miriam skipped up to us. She looked at me. She'd figured it out at the beginning of the year. A slow smile spread across her delicate face. "Ezra, I have a challenge for you."

He looked up at her. "Yes?"

"I dare you to kiss Netta Knight."


Ryan Talbot came forward to greet me. He held out his hand and I took it. He shook my hand heartily, but I moved woodenly. The shot of lightning zipping through my body was quite enough to paralyze. I sank into my seat. I had the sneaking suspicion that wasn't a clown buzzer which had electrocuted me.