The soft, pale glow of moonlight bathed us in its ethereal beauty. He pushed me against the hood of his car just as his mouth came crashing down on mine, his heightened libido rolling off of him in tumultuous waves. Breaking the kiss, I pushed one of his arms back playfully and grinned. He took hold of both my arms and pinned them at my sides, resuming his assault on my mouth. I whimpered at his force, and nipped his bottom lip in retaliation. I wasn't going down without a fight. He growled in my mouth, a sure sign that he liked whatever I was doing. Encouraged, I nipped him again. Growing impatient, he moved one of his hands to the small of my back and pulled me flush against him, earning a surprised squeal from me and a pleasured groan from him.

Digging his fingers into my spine, a gesture he knew sent lightning bolts through me, he plundered my mouth, prying my lips apart and allowing his tongue to probe inside. I grinned and slid my tongue into his mouth fluidly, exploring the warm, sweet cavern. He tasted of chocolate and spearmint.

Sensing the accelerated pace, I decided to cool things down some. I pushed him off of me a bit and rolled him over, switching places. He snarled in disapproval, disliking the new, submissive position. I ignored him and casually took my time, planting sweet butterfly kisses on his neck and throat. His hands flew up to my hips and tried to pull me closer, but I couldn't resist teasing him. He leaned forward and tried to capture my lips again, his stare burning holes into my heated gaze.

Seemingly complying with his silent plea, I leaned forward ever so slightly. When he bent forward to meet my kiss with urgency, I pulled away a little and offered him a coy smile.

I did this twice more before he began to whine, "Stop teasing me." Unwilling to relinquish my newfound power over him, I ignored him and repeated the action once more before I heard a low rumble building in his chest. While I was distracted, his hand curled around the back of my neck and pulled me down on him with irresistible force. I matched his ardor fervently.

Renewing our frenzied kiss with added intensity, our tongues battled for intimate dominance. I leaned over him, trying to gain the upper hand. But he wasn't having that. He bucked his hips sharply, tearing a keen mewl from my lips. Having momentarily sidetracked me, he rolled us over, pressing me into the hood of the car again. I had lost the advantage, and I let him know that I wasn't happy about it. I glowered at him while he smirked hardily.

He leaned down and locked his lips with mine again, though I fought mightily this time. His hands fell to my hips and tightened, yanking me forward against him. I growled into his mouth, valiantly trying not to make it sound like a purr. He chuckled against my lips and released me, only to have one hand snake into my hair and yank my head back, exposing my pale, vulnerable throat to his impassioned and unyielding eyes. A new, distinct energy flared within him, and he attacked my cream-colored skin with amplified zeal.

I shivered in delight as he nipped the ghostly white flesh of my neck, making sure to leave random love bites over the skin. His free hand grasped my hip firmly, drumming against the denim of my jeans. He made it clear what he wanted, but I didn't want to go that far. Still, I thought as his burning lips left a trail of flames wherever they went, he sure makes it hard to think clearly, let alone stop.

"Darling, you smell absolutely delicious," he groaned, low and guttural. My entire body hummed in synchrony with his as I tangled my hands in his hair, yanking his head up to kiss him. My tongue ran over his bottom lip mischievously before slipping back into my mouth, and he growled before nipping at my bottom lip. I whimpered, feeling a stinging sensation where his teeth left my lip, but I didn't dwell on it. I pressed myself against him wickedly, smirking when I heard him hiss through his teeth.

I gave him one last teasing kiss before pulling away, beckoning him with one index finger and a baiting "come hither" look. He followed like a lovesick puppy. I turned away to walk into my apartment, knowing he wouldn't be far behind. High on a lust-driven rollercoaster, I giddily skipped into the building and up the stairs with him hot on my heels. I purposely fumbled with my apartment key, amused with his impatience. When he was practically snarling in my ear, I finally managed to stab the key through the lock, turning it with deliberate slowness. The door wasn't a quarter of the way open when he shoved me through and pressed me against the wall. I just managed to kick the door closed when his hands attached themselves to my hips and he began a fierce onslaught of scorching kisses down my jaw line.

His mouth hovered over my throat, dropping feather-light kisses over the hollow there. I yipped with surprise as his teeth suddenly dug into my neck violently, far too harshly to be a simple nip. It was then that I realized what I had really gotten myself into.

I growled furiously and shoved him away from me. He caught himself on the back of the couch and turned his enraged glare on me. His eyes glowed a brilliant red, flames blazing in his angry gaze.

I knew I shouldn't have brought some random stranger home from the bar with me!

I snarled out a low, fierce warning, conveying to him that if he wanted to approach, it would be wise to exercise caution. The anger in his eyes dimmed ever so slightly, and he slinked toward me warily. His hands eased around my waist, slowly bringing me closer to him. He gradually closed the distance between us to drop a soft, chaste kiss on my mouth. As his gentle lips met mine, I felt all my tension ebb away, and I slowly but surely relaxed in his embrace. He fought to keep the leisurely pace for my sake. I could feel the strain on his control, his violent, forceful nature ready to explode whenever I gave the word. Both of us felt his restraint slipping, but he reined it right back in with remarkable diligence. I was almost impressed.

I smirked against his lips and pressed myself closer to him, eager to reignite the fiery passion that was left lingering in the air. He pushed back with a growl, nearly slamming me through the wall. Stars exploded in my vision as my head snapped back against the plaster with a dull thud.

"Ow," I murmured, with a growl of disapproval directed at my partner, who seemed to have a copious amount of stamina to go with his utter lack of consideration for other people. As soon as my mouth left his, he let out a vicious roar of anger and attacked my throat with mounting ferocity.

That was it. I'd had enough. Pressing my hands against his chest, I grunted as I summoned a massive amount of strength from deep within me and heaved violently, shoving him far, far away from me. He looked up at me with astonishment shining in his dark eyes, before scowling threateningly and advancing on me again. I growled and crouched in a defensive position, preparing myself for a strong fight. Inhuman speed propelled me forward, and my clenched fist came up to deliver a steeled blow to his jaw.

My sudden mood swing had disarmed him mightily. He fell back on his butt and stared up at me, eyes wide and disbelieving. His hand flew to his broken jawbone, unable to utter anything more than "Uh..." I held my ground, glowering at him with as much venom as I could muster. Several seconds of silence passed between us, in which time his injured jaw had healed completely.

He got to his feet, his eyes never leaving mine, and rubbed his chin carefully, verifying that the bone beneath was fully repaired. He inhaled shortly and whistled one long, flat note. "Some punch," he said simply.

I smirked, flashing my ultra-white, elongated canines. "Now, where were we?"

He grinned seductively, revealing extended twin fangs of his own. How interesting. Neither of us had known the other was a vampire. Normally that would have been quite a blow to my pride, but the fact that he had been as oblivious as I comforted my bruised dignity.

I rushed forward and jumped on him, giggling like a maniac. He caught me gracefully as I wrapped my legs around the middle of his back, careful to keep very, very north of his waist (Like I said, I never wanted to go that far). I knotted my hands in his dark hair and assaulted his mouth with near-violent intensity. Weaving my fingers in and out of the messy snarls atop his head, I bit down on his bottom lip, earning a pleased growl for my efforts.

There was absolutely no excuse for my behavior. Really, after I'd gotten so upset with him for trying to drink my blood. But I simply couldn't help myself. Sometime during the kiss, I casually pricked the inside of his lip, drawing out the sweet, crimson liquid that I so desired. Unfortunately, he noticed this before I could really get a good taste. He grasped my knees angrily and threw me away from him, stumbling backward a bit as he did. He wiped his mouth of the blood that had spilled over, the sight enticing me all the more.

"You wicked little minx!" he exclaimed indignantly while I sported an impish grin.

He seemed to still be gathering his composure, so I was surprised and shocked when he disappeared, only to reappear directly in front of me with a grave smirk on his beautiful face. I was unable to utter even a sound as, in the same second of his reappearance, his hand shot out and grasped my collar, lifting me off the ground. A quarter of a second passed before he turned and threw me out the window. The glass shattered around me, marring my porcelain skin, as I turned in midair to grab the balcony railing. As I hung there, the slices on my ashen flesh sealed themselves almost as quickly as they'd been opened. With a snarl of vehemence, I hoisted myself up onto the railing, crouching protectively. He stood there with a grin that entwined impressed stupor and evil intent.

I vaulted inside, my foot catching him across the cheek furiously. His neck snapped hard to the side, filling the air with a sickening crack. His hand came up and gripped my ankle as he flung me clear across the room. After dizzily crawling out of the hole I'd just inadvertently made in the wall, I caught a glimpse of him popping his neck back into place once it was healed. Letting out an enraged, maniacal laugh, he lunged.

And that was how it went. He leaped. I punched. He blocked and delivered a blow of his own. I recovered as quickly as I could and kicked. He hopped right back up to retaliate. Over and over again. An endless cycle. It seemed neither of us was able to gain the upper hand. That is, until he made one minor mistake. One fatal falter of his feet, and I was able to sweep his legs out from under him and leap on him once he was on the floor. I leaned down until my mouth was at his throat, ready to snap his neck like a twig. It was then that he began to plead for his life, knowing that a vampire would not be likely to show grace.

"Please! Don't kill me! I'll do whatever you want! I'll be your loyal servant forever! Let me live!"

Now vaguely amused, I examined his face curiously. "You lost, my friend. Losing a fight with a vampire means death. Didn't you know?" I taunted him as I seized the opportunity to scrape his skin with my teeth, coaxing just a drop of blood from the flesh. I watched in absolute delight as he visibly quaked with fear under my touch.

"I'll do anything!" he begged.

It really was pitiful. A grown man, and a vampire at that, imploring me—humble, merciful me—to spare his life. So I humored the poor thing. My fingers danced in random, erratic patterns over his skin as I leaned down to whisper in his ear, "Anything?"

Thinking he'd finally gained my sympathy, he said with added eagerness and conviction, "Anything. You name it. I promise."

I grinned, enjoying the cruel mind game. "My oh my, a vampire's promise isn't worth very much, now is it?" I hummed in his ear as I pretended to think, amused with the way he tensed beneath me. He knew exactly where this was going. "And now that I consider it, I just can't think of anything I really want. Nothing you could get for me anyway." I laughed wickedly in his ear as he began to struggle. "It's been fun, darling, but it's time for you to take your leave."

He let out a breathless whimper as I plunged my canines deep into his neck. His mouth opened wide in a soundless scream as I drank heavily from him. Once he was completely drained of blood, I ran off to fetch a can of gasoline and a Zippo lighter. I leaped out of the shattered window with the gasoline, the lighter, and the body in tow, absently making a mental note to buy a new glass pane for the balcony.

My vampiric speed often came in mighty handy. I darted in and out of traffic along the almost empty streets, the humans around me blissfully unaware. To them, I was a cool, passing breeze. Everything moved in slow motion when I was moving this fast. Sometimes, if I pushed myself, it seemed like time was altogether halted.

My destination was not far. It was an old, deserted warehouse on the outskirts of town. No one ever ventured near here, not with rumors of the place being haunted floating around. In truth, this had once been a gathering place for my kind, and any stray human wandering around would be quickly disposed of. Unexplained deaths and such, this was where the gossip had begun.

All in all, it was the perfect place for the task ahead of me.

Before entering the warehouse, I poured the gas all over the vampire, so that the liquid would seep into the dirt and not be spread all over the warehouse floor. I was not here to burn down the place, just the body.

After hauling the body in, I dumped it on the floor and lit the lighter. I dropped it and was yards away before it hit the ground. I watched as the body exploded into flames, wincing as I heard the man howl bloody murder. Draining his blood had weakened him, rendering him immobile and completely powerless. But his body would have healed itself and his blood would have returned in a few days. I had no choice but to burn him. It was the only way to truly kill a vampire.

I turned away from the awful sight and covered my ears, trying to keep out the horrible screaming. I tried not to think of how that would one day be my fate.

When there was nothing but ashes left, I scooped them up and carried them outside. Some I buried in the moist dirt, some I threw in the air for the wind to carry away.

We were one and the same. Those could have been my ashes scattered in the wind. I allowed this thought to dwell in my consciousness, absorbing the reality of it all. With one last, wistful goodbye to the man and his spirit, I turned to make my way back to my apartment, and my dismal existence.

I shivered as I felt the ghost of a kiss linger on my lips and wind as soft as a whisper swipe across the back of my neck. I was left with the cold, cold feeling of dread, that I was not alone, and that the battle between me and the vampire I'd just killed was not over yet...