Knocking, knocking, knocking insistently upon her door:

Are you there?

A steady pounding of fists and cries, yells and pleads.

Please, let me in.

Rhythmic twists of the doorknob, locked fast and tight.

I made a mistake, all right?

Then a final, harsh kick that echoes in her ears.

Why won't you unlock the friggin' door?


Drawing shut the curtains, slowly, delicately.

Yes, I am here, I am here alone.

Whipping back the silky sheets in one calm, smooth stroke.

No, you are not welcome here.

Sitting on the bed, switching off the warm glow of the lamp.

Stay away from me.

Slipping under the sheets, tucking herself in.

I am happy to be alone.

AN/ I actually quite like this piece. I'm experimenting with different styles, and I can actually just imagine this scene in my mind. Reviews greatly appreciated!