Rating T

Written by CheetoFlavoredLove


To every person, there belongs a mate, but mates aren't necessarily just for humans. Mates belong to Animals, Vampires, Werewolves, even Socks; but most importantly Werewolves and Vampires.

Their desire for a mate is the strongest of all, survival. They can't help it; it's in their natures because without a mate, they only live half a life, while the other dreams for that half. They may have an eternity to find it but, an eternity alone is a terrible thing. It wants the other, it craves the other, it needs the other, and it'll do anything to get it by its side.

Now the Wellingtons are not just your typical high society family that lives in a remote village in the countryside of England. Master and Lady Wellington have two sons, Lucas and Marcus, and one daughter, Marie.

I, on the other hand, merely work for them, I am unwanted. My name is Daisy Commonsm and I was born on the 31st of October. My master believes that things should stay the way that they were before he was turned…into a Vampire I mean. A little over 100 years ago Master Wellington was turned, this was when he had hardly a name for himself and he and his pregnant wife lived in a cottage, where the mansion now stands. A man knocked on their door one stormy night and they welcomed him in with open arms. That man proved to be a wanted man by the witch hunter's, only he was not a witch, he was a rogue. He attacked my Master and my Lady and turned them and the triplets that Lady Wellington was carrying in her womb into monsters.

I was born into servitude to the Wellingtons. My mother, Katrine Commons, fell in love with the town butcher and they soon married; she certainly fell out of love with him quickly when she found out he had another wife and three children and that she was the woman on the side. She left him only to find out that she was pregnant with me.

Lord Wellington said that he wouldn't allow it. "No woman under my household shall deliver a child without being properly married." He said. My mother begged until the only way he would let her keep me was if I was his automatically after birth. I was his property and he loved it.

9 months later I was brought into this horrible world by Olivia, one of the staff, in the cellar of the home. My mother held me in her arms as Olivia tried to stop the bleeding; they both knew she wasn't going to make it. She took the single twine necklace that she wore around her neck and draped it around me. My mother handed me to Olivia with full trust as she said her goodbyes to this world and her greetings to the next. She died of blood loss that night.


18 years pass, now I stand in the orchard by the mansion and pick fresh peaches to can for the winter and to sell to the humans in the village where my bastard father lived. I hear several carriages race down the road that is hidden from my view to the mansion. Marie must be back from Paris, from her 'schooling'.

The Wellington Children have been granted eternal youth, they are approaching their 100th birthday, but they look like they are younger than I.

"Help! Somebody help! They're after me!" I hear a woman scream as she runs toward me. Her face is hidden by the before dawn fog and her hood, behind her are two men on horseback. I can tell that they are men because they ride in pants not dresses, they, too, are hooded and their faces are hidden from my view.

I think the woman is in danger so I take one of the many fallen apple branches, that has plenty of spikes still on it, and swing it at one of the horsemen. He flips and falls off of his horse. His riding partner and the woman begin laughing and chuckling. I look up at his riding partner and see Lucas Wellington staring me straight in my eye.

I lower my head and keep from looking at them, I've heard that they can freeze you solid with their glare but I'm not sure that would work on one of their own. I turn in the direction I hear Marcus struggling with his cloak to get to his feet. "I'm so sorry, m'lord. I did not know that it was you." I said barely above a whisper.

"I could have you put to death because of that!" Marcus threatened.

"Oh, calm down, brother. She was obviously confused. You were, after all, hooded." The woman, I now recognized as Marie, said. It was rare of her to show kindness to others, she usually enjoys other people's pain and takes them as her own pleasure. Maybe Paris has something to offer her after all.

"Well, we best be off before the sun reaches us or else mother and father will be highly upset." Lucas said as he helped Marie onto his horse while Marcus has to chase down his. I glanced up at them as I curtsied and said goodbye. He winked at me just before they went off to the Mansion.

"Mother, Father!" Marie said as she entered the grand hall that was made of solid grey stone and was severally depressing, to them it was warm and homey.

"Marie!" Master and Lady Wellington rejoiced that their only daughter had returned home safely once again. They were greeted with hugs, but once everyone was inside, Lady Wellington noticed that Marie's dress was dirty and that there were scratches all across Marcus's face. "Good heavens Marie, your dress. It's all filthy, and Marcus, dear, what happened to your face?" Lady Wellington asked.

"Some Maid caused me to fall off my horse by hitting me with a branch." Marcus muttered.

"Who? They will be severally punished for this. I bet it was that Daisy in the kitchen, she's always been trouble that one." Master Wellington said in his deep voice. He has never liked me or welcomed me into the family like he has the others on staff.

"Father, it was an accident. I'm afraid we startled her while she was in the orchard. She must've heard Marie yelling for help as we chased her through the orchard like we use to as children, she probably thought that she was in some actual danger and tried to stop us from hurting Marie." Lucas defended.

"She certainly stopped Marcus." Marie laughed.

"Shut it!" Marcus barked. Marie and Marcus started arguing with each other while Master Wellington rolled his eyes and ignored the sight and Lucas snuck out of the Grand hall and down to the Kitchens.

"Quiet! All of you!" Lady Wellington shouted over the bickering of her children. "Now, I know that both of you are tired because you've had a late night. So I want both of you to go upstairs and get some rest and we'll talk about this later." Everyone agreed and went to their separate bedchambers.

When I return to the Kitchen at sunrise, I find Lucas waiting for me with a rose in his hand. "What are you doing here?" I ask in a whisper, not knowing if his family was still awake or not. Lucas has made a habit of coming down a visiting me in the kitchen. Why, I do not know.

"I'm very sorry about my brother earlier. He can be a pain sometimes, can you forgive me?" He extended the rose towards me.

I smile and take it from his hand, I bring it to my nose and it smells refreshing. "May I ask my lord, why you are asking for my forgiveness when it is your brother who should be doing the asking?" I ask softly, I do not talk loud. I talk like a mouse, quiet and barely heard, that's what Olivia says.

"Because I know he won't." Lucas smiled, showing me his teeth. I knew them well, well enough to still find the holes in my throat where he bit me on my birthday this last year. He said that he didn't want such a beautiful Daisy to wilt so he froze time for me, like he was doing me a favor. And now he stands here acting as if he is courting me. I scowl at the thought.

I set the rose down and get to processing the fruits, there is already water boiling over the kitchen fire, so I need to hurry before the flames die down. I knew he stood silently in the corner watching me like I was some trained poppet, going about my daily chores as if it were for his own entertainment.

"I want to ask you something Daisy." He says suddenly out of the silence causing me to start.


"I would like for you to accompany me to the ball tonight, but would you go with me?"

I look at the fruit in my hands, the juices run everywhere like blood would after a good hunt. Is that all I am to this man? Prey for him to hunt down? All my life I've been here, he watched me grow from an infant to today, and today he asks me to go to a ball with him. What should I say?