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I look up from Bryce's hand and to the no longer full moon that shines in through the partially boarded over window. "What does it feel like?" I ask but immediately regret opening my mouth.

"What does what feel like?" He looks at me like one would a child, soft and without harm.

"What does it feel like to be…you know, furry?" He smiles, if you could call it a smile. He honestly looks like a puppy dog, innocent and harmless, and yet at the same time I've never been more terrified in my whole life.

"It feels…like I'm a dog that can talk, but also I could hurt anyone at any moment. What does it feel like to be a Vampire?" he asks. His eyes watch me as I ponder this; what does it feel like?

"Like I'm dead, like everything is full of life and I'd kill to have some of that life." I pull my hand from his paw and scoot closer to the fire so I'm right next to the brick. "I don't feel much of anything anymore; mostly I feel scared, but I rarely feel pain." I raise my hand above the flames and let them lick at the flesh of my palm.

"Stop!" Bryce barks, pulling my hand back from the flames to see the hole they had burned into my skin, watching with sick fascination as I healed in front of him, the flesh pulling itself over the exposed muscles and returning to its pale color.

"See? It doesn't hurt." I slowly wiggle my hand from his grip and wrap it around my legs.

"You're really something, you know that? I mean, I've never heard of a vegetarian Vampire before." He sprawls himself out in front of the fire, taking in its warmth to make up for the chilly night.

"What does that mean? Vegetarian?"

"Oh, someone who doesn't eat meat," he explains, "among other things."

"Ah, I understand now. Well, what do you feed your servants here? I saw plenty others like me in that wooden house you went into earlier." My fingers absently draw in the dirt that is tracked onto the floor, drawing flowers and a sun, one that cannot hurt me as I look upon it.

"They are given blood from the blood bank up the road. They're constantly having to throw away spoiled blood so we take it and give it to them. It is not the best life for a vampire."

"At home, I mean, the Wellingtons home, they wouldn't allow us to ever feed on humans. That was for them and their guests. I never enjoy it, I was only turned 3 months ago and still the sight of blood makes me queasy. Animal blood is better than no blood at all. I've tried to go without before. The Wellingtons had to pour it down my throat to get me to feed. It was horrible." As I think back, I notice the floors become lighter than they are supposed to be; I look back to the window and see that the moon has hidden herself from the world, meaning only one thing. Sunrise was coming.

Bryce sees the look of horror that falls upon my face as I see the glowing sunlight begin to climb the sky slowly, like a ticking time bomb. "Quick, get in the closet!" Bryce shouts as he runs to another end of the house for something.

I do as I am told and seal myself in the small space, but still there are slits in the bottom and top of the door that is directly in front of the window. Little by little, light grows greater and the feeling of being burnt alive like the witches of so long ago grew stronger. "Bryce!" I scream and curl myself up into a little ball, whimpering from the pain like a child.

Outside the door Bryce hurried as he quickly threw wool blankets over the windows that seemed to be all over the stupid house, bringing light in everywhere. His ears perk up at the sound of my scream and he hurries faster. Finally, the only light in the house is coming from the fire as he covers up the final window in front of the closet door.

He tries to open the door to free me but the door won't open. "Daisy! Daisy! Open the door!" he calls out but there is no answer. "Daisy, open the door or I'll rip it off its hinges!"

There is the sound of shuffling inside as I remove the coats that I found from the openings to block out the incoming light.

I unlock the door from the inside and open the door. Outside the door Bryce looks as if he is confused over whether to hug me or kill me. He does neither, as I step out and smile at him, letting him know I am ok, but that is a lie. My mask that I thought I would never have to use again slides over my face as a smile while inside I am on the brink of tears; the pain of the burns on my arms is overwhelming.

"I think I'll go to bed now." I say softly to him to not give him any clue to what is going on behind the mask.

"I think that is the best idea you've had all evening."


He runs through the forest, trees passing by in blur, the midnight sky chasing him as he runs. He's just a boy, 8, 9 at the most. A man stands in his way, blocking him from the entrance of his own home, a home so black that it blends with the color of the night. The man reaches out and takes hold of the boy, he is scared, he doesn't want to be hurt again but something much worse is coming. Something flashes and now the scene changes.

She stands in the gardens, the man behind her, leading her through the labyrinth that runs through the middle. "I have a gift for you." he whispers as her blood runs down his chin and her neck.

Tears run down my cheeks as I can practically feel him biting into my flesh again, draining the life from me, the life I once wished to call my own and love.


Bryce sees the trembling form that he had left on the palate of furs of his previous hunts, his heart reaches out for it, but he knows it will never feel the same about him. He is a beast, but at the time being, its eyes are closed and it only knows a kind touch to soothe its dreams. He brushes a soft hair from her face and runs his finger where the tears once were.

"You're safe, there is no harm here." he whispers into her ear in the most gentle voice and as he goes to pull back his paw; he lingers for a moment, her own hand reaches and grabs the comfort.

"Go back to sleep, there are still a few hours of daylight left." he painfully pulls away, knowing this was not his place and she thinks he is someone else, but he remains close, almost as a guardian. He would protect her while she was under his care, he knows this much, he would until the next full moon and then her fate was in the Alpha's hands. But would fate allow this girl to stay by his side?

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