B-091: Butterflies

They met each other at the shopping mall. She was drinking a mix of Mr. Pib and root beer. He was carrying bags for his girlfriend. Their eyes met.

This was something that she loved to do, when she met the eyes of a guy, particularly cute ones. She especially loved it when he was obviously with another. It was so much better that way. She caught his eyes and waggled her brows. He frowned slightly. She went down on her straw, licking it up the sides tantalizingly slow, letting her tongue wrap around the lowest part it could reach, slowly, slowly. She let her hair fall in front of her eyes as she worked on her straw so she could watch him unabated. The frown had fallen and he was staring wide-eyed at her. By the slight flush dashed across his cheeks, she knew that he got the message. His mind was mentally working in a way he probably didn't want it, transposing her somewhere else in his imagination. Perhaps underneath his table. Perhaps in his room, naked. She wasn't a mind reader. She was just a mind teaser.

She sat up and tossed her hair over her shoulder and licked her lips. She gave him that heavy, lusty look that she knew guys wanted and desired. They loved the idea that there was at least one girl who would want him, no matter what. She was frumpy, so she passed under the radar of all except the more observant ones. Or the lucky ones, whichever worked. But once those observant or lucky ones spotted her, they were hooked. She worked her makeup carefully, a mix between the natural beauty that was so popular nowadays, and the slutty trashiness that some people despised. She offset the light brush on her cheeks with gaudy red lipstick. It wasn't bright red, just slightly redder than her natural lip color. It was enough to make an onlooker think that she was aroused more than she ought to in public. She licked her lips and slid her hair over her shoulder, showing off the curve of her neck. Her clothes, loose as ever, sagged down to reveal her collarbone. She could feel his eyes on her, his gaze sliding up and down her skin. Her clothes left everything to the imagination; all she had to do was flash a little skin and their minds would fill in the rest. What the imagination could come up with was far better than what she could show them. People run around in tight skirts and fishnets, completely oblivious to that fact. The imagination is everything.

His girlfriend arrived. She was blonde and pretty and nothing special. She couldn't pull off the stunt that she just did, a flagrant disregard of public behavior. She looked prim and proper, where the most dangerous thing that she ever did was take a joint from a rather persuasive friend when she was in high school or college. Girls like her settled down and had two point four kids.

She flicked the hair out of her face and watched him with his girlfriend. They got up and started out of the food court, with him carrying most of the shopping. He paused slightly and turned so he could get one more glance across, a smoldering look, half with anger, half with desire.

She jerked back out of shock. She never got a second look. Most of her victims were too shocked to do anything. But he looked back.

She bit her lip as he left up the stairs back to the rest of the mall. Her heart pounded from the experience. It was just one guy; it was bound to happen that one would eventually look back. The odds were for it.

Then how come it affected her so much?

She rubbed her arms and ducked her head so no one else would try to make eye contact. It was her game, no one else's. She was the one that's supposed to get the fun out of it.

But his glance... no, that wasn't fun. That was terrifying. She had never felt herself get so attached at one little glance full of desire. She usually brushed them off and away; she had them plenty enough as it was. But to get one in the middle of her game? No, that shouldn't happen.

She grabbed her Mr. Pib and root beer and followed the pair up the stairs. She stalked them slowly to JC Pennies, making sure to keep a distance between them. She wasn't a master stalker, but it's happened enough to her that she knew how to do it. They started towards the lingerie section, and the girlfriend picked through lacy bras.

She watched them, hidden behind the junior jeans. She flipped through a couple pairs of pants and lamented that she no longer fit into them. The misses were fin, but the juniors, no. Never again. She glanced up. He was being bothered about the sexiness of the bras his girlfriend had. But his focus wasn't on his girlfriend, who was looking at bras and not visibly wearing them. His focus was on the little curve of neck that he could see.

The longer she stared at him, the more enamored she became. She wasn't used to this, to feeling her heart pound simply by looking at a guy. It felt... unnatural. Just as she thought he was imagining her, she had him in her mind, naked, with that same fiery look in his eyes, taking one, two steps closer to her. She gnawed on her lip, smearing her lipstick. She emerged herself in the fantasy, letting the adrenaline and testosterone flush through her body as he pinned her to the mattress inside her head, and he slowly, oh so slowly pulled off her clothes, first her sweater, then her shirt. He slid his hands underneath her bra to massage her breasts. She arched her back up to his touch and he worked to undo her bra so he could kiss her nipples.

She didn't know that she arched herself forward in real life, sighing softly. She noticed out of the corner of her eye she saw one of the store attendants approach her, bright red vest gaudier than her lipstick.

"May I help you?" she asked.

She replaced the jeans on the rack.

"No, I'm good."

She walked away. He and his girlfriend had vanished, but she found them at the cashiers, paying for his girlfriend's overpriced panties. She caught up to them as the headed towards the door. She pulled her hair out of her face and straightened her clothes to look more proper than she actually was. She swiftly approached them.

"Sir?" she said. The pair turned to her. She held out a couple business cards. "I think you dropped these back there." She jerked her head towards the cashier counter.

"Oh, yes," he said, and accepted the cards. It was a lie, of course. The cards were simply four or five copies of the same thing. One glance and she knew that he recognized her. She gave a curt nod of her head and walked briskly off.

He glanced at the cards when his girlfriend wasn't looking.

Danielle Harker

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