Always Connected

It's as if there is a broken switch
Forever set at "on"
Lets her sense every little twitch,
Her empathy's never gone.

It's an ability most find as magic—
The ability to always know—
Yet to her it's simply tragic,
The pain away will never go.

It comes from a hidden sensory
Detects from far away,
All the rage, pain, and misery…
It does this every day.

It relentlessly zaps the heart
Rains tears in silent cries.
Tears the feelings all apart
The smiles are all lies.

While everyone sees in black and white,
She sees it all in ultraviolet.
While her heart and mind bicker and fight—
Should she scream or be quiet?

And every day, she'll always know
Picks up all emotions undetected
It's a sad feeling that will never go
She always is connected.