A/N- one shot short story, spanking role play, sexual content

She stood outside the door shuffling from foot to foot. She didn't want to go in here. She knew what fate awaited her. She finally lifted her hand and timidly knocked on the door.

"Come in."

His voice sent shivers down her spine, but she squared her shoulders and grabbed the door knob and opened the door. She walked in and moved to the front of his desk and waited. He was busy on his computer and she stood there with hands by her side and waited the, anticipation causing her stomach to flutter.

Finally he looked up at her.

"Young Lady, I am very disappointed in you. I have a report from your teacher you were caught cheating on your exam, is this true?" He asked.

"Yyyyess Sir." She stuttered nervously.

"I see." He said and his tone of voice sent another flutter of butterflies through her stomach.

He got up and took the Tawse off the wall and laid on the desk in front of her.

She looked at the wicked implement in fear, it was four tailed and she knew in a short time it would be applied to her bare bottom.

"Hands on your head, young lady." He said and walked around the desk.

She lifted her hands and put them on her head and the short skirt she had on rode up even higher. She flushed in embarrassment.

"You Know we have a zero tolerance for cheating here, do you not?" He asked walking around her.

"Yes. Sir." She answered her mouth going dry.

"What is the penalty for cheating?" He asked stopping beside her.

"A ssstrapping with the ttttawse, Sir." She stuttered nervously.

"Correct, as you know there is no set number, I will strap you until I think you are repentant for your misdeed." He said.

"Yes Sir." She said and her stomach tumbled about.

He moved his hand to the hem of her short skirt and pulled it up.

"Young lady are this regulation panties?" He asked looking at the red thongs already knowing the answer.

"Nnnnno Sirr." She said her heart dropping, she had forgot she had put on the red thongs this morning, she was so dead.

"You well know white panties are regulation here, what do you have to say for yourself." He asked still holding her skirt up.

"Uhhhh..I'mmm ssssorrrry." She said heat rising to her cheeks as he looked at her bottom.

"I thought as much, alright lay over the desk and grab the other side." He instructed.

She did as he told her and lay the top part of her body across the desk and grasped the other side with her hands tightly.

He lifted the skirt further up and used a cloths pin to pin it to her shirt out of the way.

She gasped mortified when she felt his hand on the waistband of her panties tugging them down.

He instructed her to lift each foot and he removed the panties.

He picked up the tawse and walked behind her.

"Set your feet wider apart." He said tapping the tawse between her thighs.

Her face turned red in embarrassment as she did as he instructed knowing her privates parts were now on display. She shivered as she felt the cool air move between her legs.

She closed her eyes and waited for the first bite of the tawse filled with dread.

She couldn't see him but she could almost feel the movement in the air and he drew the tawse back and brought it down with force on her quivering bottom.


The pain was unbelievable, the four tails bit into her pale cheeks, leaving four distinct red lines.

She bit her lip and tightened her hands on the edge of the desk to keep from jumping up, she knew that would just make the punishment longer.



She moaned and wiggled trying to do anything to abate the burning in her cheeks that had not to long ago been pale, but were now a bright red.



"OOWWWWWWWWWWWW!" She yelled when she could hold it in no longer the pain seeming to travel up to her vocal cords and escaping.

He looked at her now bright red quivering bottom, the tails had left small red welts. She was really feeling it now.

"Young Lady, are you starting to see the error of your ways?" He asked.

"Yessss ssssir." She said a few tears already sliding down her cheeks.

"Lets hope so." He said and lifted the tawse and started again.




She now was wiggling her bottom uncontrollably giving him a fine show of her nether regions.

Her bottom was fast becoming fire engine red.

Tears ran freely now and she whimpered each time the tawse cut into her bottom.



"OOOOOOOOO Pleassssssssssssse, I'lll neverrrrrr cheeeat againnn." She squealed as the tawse struck her sensitive lower cheeks. She nearly jumped up off the desk, but managed to hold her position.

"Now lets drive the lesson home." He said and lifted his hand once again and brought down the tawse rapidly 5 times on her sit spot. She contorted and gyrated wildly as if this would lessen the pain.

She burst into tears and lay there crying even after the punishment had stopped.

He let her lay there and collect her self for a moment and then helped her up and led her to the corner.

"Five minutes thinking time young lady." He said and left her there with her nose buried in the corner and hands held at her side her red bottom still on display.

She stood there crying till her sobs subsided a bit and finally she was just sniffing a bit.

"Young Lady back across the desk." He said his voice making her jump.

She went without hesitation wondering what he was going to do to her. She stretched back across the desk wincing from the pain in her sore bottom.

This time however she felt a soothing coolness as he rubbed lotion on her hot sore bottom.

"You took you punishment very well." He said.

His words of praise soothed her as much as the lotion.

His hands worked magic on her sore red skin soothing away the intense pain just leaving a nice heat in her bottom that was beginning to work its way into other regions of her body.

"Mmmmm." She purred as the pain was rapidly turning into pleasure.

"Young lady, you seem to be enjoying my hands a bit to much." He said and slid his finger lightly between her cheeks and followed the crease down until his finger encountered her wetness.

She moaned and wiggled against his finger.

"What a naughty girl." He admonished but kept his finger there moving it slowly making her crazy.

"Oooooooooooo...pleasssssse." She begged pushing her hips back trying to find some end to the touture.

"Oh yes.. I can see you are a very naughty girl." He said, but she heard the amusement in his voice.

He slid his finger to the hilt into her making her gasp with pleasure.

She started to move back and forth on his finger, moaning and wiggling.

"I think you are in need of regular discipline, a good girl wouldn't behave this way." He scolded.

He smiled when she burst out in giggles.

"Then I'm pretty sure I don't want to be a good girl." She said laughing.

He laughed too and pulled her up and she jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist and locking her hand behind his neck. She kissed him deeply and then pulled back and smiled at him.

As fast as that they left the world of school girl and headmaster and it was just husband and wife, both needing each other badly.

He started up the stairs holding her tightly.

"My naughty, beautiful wife, oh the things im going to do to you." He whispered in her ear.

She grinned and said one word.