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I'm laying on The Bench. I notice you notice that 'the bench' (an ordinary object for sitting, or sleeping in a bum's case). Therefore, meaning this bench is important to me. This is because it is my thinking spot. Mine, and nobody else's. I come here to think – obviously, since I'm not a bum – when my life gets confusing. Like now. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should break up with my boyfriend.

I mean, I like Dave and all, but he's a bit, well, possessive. Annoyingly possessive. It bothers me. He acts like he owns me. Like he bought me with the cash out of his wallet. Stupid, right?

But then, he's one of the hottest guys in school, the most popular. Quarterback of the football team. You know, all those clichés. When I started dating him, my social status went from loser to practically Queen Of The School. And I don't like that. At all. Yet another reason why I should dump him.

But he's so hot.

And he's extremely possessive.

But sooo hot.

You see my dilemma.

I don't even know why Dave picked me, of all the girls in the school, to be his girlfriend. I was just sitting in the library one day, nose in a book, when Dave approached me, and asked me out. It was pretty random. Like he saw me sitting there and thought, 'Hey, I'm gonna take this loser and put her at the top of the social pyramid'.

We've been going out for about a month now, and I don't think I can take his scary possessiveness for anymore of my junior year. He guards me like Fort Knox, and scares any guy within a twenty foot radius away with an icy glare. No one messed with his girl.

Yeah, right.

I've come to the decision that I want to break up with him, but I can't. Why? Because I'm a sheep. One that follows all the other little sheep and does what they do, because they wanna be cool. And all us sheep are herded by that big, scary sheep dog.

Dave Sorenson is that sheep dog.

And me, I'm just the sheep running in whatever direction he wants to go, because if I don't, I'll go back to just being 'that loser'.

Pathetic, isn-

"What the hell are you doing, laying on a dirty, germ-infected bench in the middle of a park?" Came a bemused voice behind my head.

My eyes shot open to see an upside down version of the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen. Even hotter than Dave. Which is hard to beat, trust me.

"Thinkin'" I replied lazily. Usually I didn't talk to people I didn't know. Usually I'd ignore him until he went away. Usually- but well, this isn't usually. I don't know why, but I felt compelled to talk to him. I didn't know at that moment, that I would regret ever deciding to open my big mouth.

He scrunched up his nose in distaste, "And you chose here to think? Of all places, you chose where the alcoholic homeless people sleep?"

I simply nodded, which was a bit awkward since I was still laying down and he was still standing over me. Sighing, I sat up on the bench, deciding my thinking time was over. I studied the guy talking to me more carefully. Wow, he looked even hotter right-side up. He had black hair, with a fringe hanging over his one of eyes. He had a angular face, defined. His eyes were a deep blue, eyes you could get lost in. They were also brought out by eyeliner. I stifled a giggle. Guy-liner. He wore completely black clothing, a tight black band shirt, black skinny jeans, a white studded belt, and red converses. A look clearly described as emo.

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He started to walk away, and I wondered why he even bothered coming up to talk to me. I really wasn't the type of girl he would feel he could talk to. I probably looked a little preppy at the moment, with my Abercombie shirt and light flood jeans, my hair in a loose bun, and a coach purse (present from Dave) beside me. Although I did have my black converses on. I loved these shoes, and I always wore them.

"Hey, wait." I called getting up, "What's your name?"

He turned half-way around, raising an eyebrow. He hesitated before saying, "Jayden."

"Mines-" But Jayden was already too far away to hear me. I blew out a sigh, "Kristen."

I furrowed my eyebrows. That was pointless. He walked up to me, insulted my thinking spot, and walked away. What was his problem?

And there you go. You like? :D