Hey, it's not a trick this time! Lol. I've drawn a blank on my other story, so i decided to update this one :).

I've always been a bit uncomfortable being around Dave while with his friends. Even after a month, I've never really fit in. It's not like they were very welcoming in the first place. They still glare at me as we approach them, Dave's arm around my waist, especially the girls...

"Hey, guys," my boyfriend greeted as we sat at our lunch table. I took my usual seat beside Dave, setting my tray down absently. I didn't even know what I had gotten to eat. After staring for about a minute at my food, I realized I had a slice of pizza, an apple, and a Coke. I kept my hands under the table though, I wasn't hungry.

I looked briefly at the table I used to sit at. It was practically empty, only consisting of this nerdy guy who was in a couple of my classes, and a girl I used to talk to sometimes. I hadn't really had any friends before Dave.

Speaking of Dave...

"Hey, baby," he put an arm around me, "Chad's having a party Friday night, you're not busy, right?"

I figured he already knew the answer to that one, but I replied anyway, "Nope."

"Great! It's gonna be fuckin' awesome. His parents are out of town, we'll be buying tons of beer..." I tuned him out. I already knew what he was gonna say anyway. High school parties are always the same. Not nearly as insane as they portray on TV, (As that was the only way I knew what parties were like before Dave) but they still got a little wild, especially if alcohol was involved.

I tilted my head in the direction of Dave, to make it look like I was listening, while I looked around the lunchroom, people-watching. I spotted a group of kids, normal kids, too, not jocks, or popular people, or losers. Just normal. I sighed wistfully. They were laughing at something, a joke probably.

I moved on, but saw no one of interest. Suddenly, I was locked in the gaze of piercing deep blue eyes. They were almost familiar. I found myself entranced as I stared into them. Before I could look past the beautiful eyes to see the face, my attention was grabbed by one of Dave's friends, Jake. I actually liked Jake, he was a decent guy. While the other jocks and people who thought they were better than everyone else glared at me, he smiled warmly. He quickly became one of my best friends.

"Kristen," he gestured at my pizza, "You gonna eat that?" Typical guy.

I rolled my eyes at him, "No, you can have it, if you want it."

"Sweet." Jake grinned and snatched the slice of greasy pepperoni off of my plate.

I laughed, watching him inhale my food. "You eat like a starving lion, Jake."

"I'm hungry," he said with his mouth full.

I scowled at him and wrinkled my nose in disgust, "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full?"

Jake shrugged, smiling after he swallowed, "She may have mentioned it once or twice."

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Jake was a lean guy with a toned body. Not that I've checked him out, but it's hard not to notice. He had brown hair that was cut short, and gelled to a nice look of disarray. Jake has a cute face, that's almost always smiling. Every time I see him his contagious grin always gets to me and puts me in a better mood. He's also the only guy Dave doesn't mind me hanging out with.

I walked to Biology alone, finally. Dave has Chemistry, and that's in the opposite direction. I felt... relieved, actually. I don't know why, it hasn't always been this way, I used to be thrilled to be with Dave anytime of the day, I had been practically in love with him. But not quite. What girl wouldn't be anyway? He's gorgeous. Until recently, the most gorgeous guy I've ever met.

I plopped down in my desk in the middle of the classroom, sighing. Suddenly my books were shoved off my desk and I was elbowed in the face as someone fell on me. Uh, ouch!

I pushed them off quickly, about to ask them what the hell their problem was, until I recognized who it was.

The black-clothed boy got up and glared at a brawny guy wearing a blue and white Clay High School Bear's letterman jacket, a football player apparently.

"Don't mess with me again, loser," the jock growled.

Jayden snorted, "Wouldn't dream of it."

Our teacher, Mr. McMillan called over from his desk, looking up from a pile of papers, "Mr. O'Neil, Mr. Connelly, stop fooling around and get to your seats, please."

Jayden glared before turning around starting to walk down the aisle to his seat in the back. Before he could get more than 2 feet I crossed my arms and cleared my throat. He turned around, about to say something rude probably, but stopped, his eyes widened, then narrowed again immediately.

"Can I help you?" He asked sarcastically.

I raised an eyebrow and eyed my books, that were still lying on the floor, out of my reach, pointedly, "Yes, actually. If you would be so kind as to get my stuff off the floor, please?" My voice was anything but polite.

"Oh, anything for you." With that he snatched my books from the floor and slammed them violently onto my desk, making me flinch, "You're welcome," he hissed.

During the rest of the class, I didn't pay attention at all. I was too busy thinking about Jayden, of all people. I mean, I never knew he went to my school! How could I not notice him? He's even more good-looking than Dave! Shouldn't that have caught my eye? Apparently not. Unless he just moved here... it's a possibility, but I doubt it. Usually, any new students are obvious, and are also gossiped about. I would've heard about him.

I sighed, I was probably too caught up in my own life to notice anything else. My fake life. It truly was fake, everything about it. Except Jake, he's not fake, like all my other 'friends' who only associate with me because I'm Dave's girl. I'm the same girl I've always been, but... I'm just not in my element anymore. Did I really want to be, though? Did I want to be invisible again? Like... Jayden?

I decided no, and started working on the worksheet that was passed out to get my mind off of it. I needed a distraction from my pathetic social life.

After class, I confronted Jayden. I wanted to know why he was so mean to me today, and yesterday at the park. It's not like I did anything to him, and when people hate me, I'd like to know why.

"What's your problem?" Okay, so maybe that wasn't the greatest approach.

"You." He kept walking towards the door to the classroom.

"What did I ever do to you?" I asked harshly.

"You were born," he replied, glancing at me angrily.

"Oh, that was real mature," I said sarcastically

"GO AWAY!" Jayden shouted at me. We were in the hallway now, and people were staring at us curiously. I recognized a girl who sat at the samelunch table as me, and was whispering to her friend, looking at me with narrowed eyes. I glared openly back at her, catching her by surprise. I always ignored them when they glared, but I just wasn't in the mood. She flipped her hair and stalked off. Ugh.

I jogged to catch up with Jayden's long strides, "I will, once you tell me why you hate me so much!"

He stopped, whirling around and lowered his voice, "I don't hate you." My eyes narrowed. "You're just very annoying, so leave me alone!" Jayden stomped away like an angry child and I stared after him, confused.

I had a feeling this boy is going to confuse me a lot now, because I was going find out the reason he hates me so much, and I know does. Why else would he act like that?

At home, I dug in my closet, determined. I threw various clothes, accessories, shoes, and other objects into the middle of my floor. This closet isn't even that big, how can so much crap fit in here? And don't you just hate it, when you're looking for something in your closet, and whatever it is, is always at the very bottom of everything piled in there?

"Aha!" Triumphantly, I dragged out a medium-sized box and plopped down on the floor beside it. It was full of yearbooks, grade 3-10. I pulled out my 9th grade yearbook. Today Mr. McMillan had called out 'O'Neil' and 'Connelly' as last names of the boys. I searched O'Neil first, looking for his beautiful face (no matter how mad me makes me, he's still hot). I spotted the jock instead, and searched under Connelly. I found him, surprisingly smiling. He had a very nice smile, one I'd like to see in person, but I'll probably never get to.

I raised an eyebrow. So he's been going to my school for 2 whole years and I finally notice him, but not even at school. That's kind of sad. I guess us invisible people aren't immune to each other's invisibility after all.