Lipstick Model

Synopsis: Faith Porsche has been known since birth for her full, sensual lips and sultry voice (her excuse, "I was born sexy, I just can't help myself"). Her mouth is so ravishing that Covergirl hires her as a model and a photographer (Xavier Michelle) falls in love with her; however she has no intent of returning his affections since she has been burned by so many men in the past.

Chapter 1--Selected

Faith was the typical 'blonde' movie stereotype, except she wasn't famous, yet. She wasn't ditzy, flighty or unfocused like some blondes but was often categorized with them despite that. She had been working in a go-nowhere position in a salon exposing herself to all sorts of noxious gasses, which gave more jealous people even more fodder to use against her. When she had an off-day which rarely happened, they blamed it on the fumes that she inhaled (which she didn't inhale at all thanks to the fact she wore a surgical mask to filter air). She was tired of the constant berating she received from self-obsessed women who were thinner than concentration camp victims and didn't have an original bone in their body. She knew, through photographing alone however, she couldn't just get a job with a modeling company. However, she was aware there was a photography session coming soon in her town. So, she did her best to find colors that brought out her best features: her eyes, lips, curves and of course, her luscious hair.

After finding the perfect outfits, she took what shots she had, although unprofessional and waited for her turn. There were thousands of women who had tried their best to impress the professionals that had come to judge them on ingenuity, style and overall look. Faith had no idea if her distinctive glamour and panache would woo them, but she gave it all she got until the judges had their fill.

Like all the contestants, Faith waited patiently for the results. Nearly wanting to bite her nails off one by one, the editor to Covergirl read the results.

"Faith Porsche, you are our next Covergirl ! Congratulations ! Pack your bags, you're coming to New York with us.", the editor said, ebulliently. Faith was astonished that out of all of the gorgeous women in the room, she had been picked. Unable to speak at first, the editor simply patted her on the back and whispered a bit sarcastically in her ear,

"Good luck, toots. You're gonna need it in NYC."

Chapter 2--Hazy, Crazy New York

Being from the suburbs, Faith wasn't unfamiliar with city life, but a big city like New York could be unnerving. Fortunately, the rumors she had heard about the metropolis had been lies. There were many people who were kind and helped her find the Covergirl establishment. She would be staying in a high-rise apartment, one that was posh by anyone's standards. It sure beat living in her beaten up 1970's shack back at home (which by some miracle had remained in tact in its wretched condition). She looked forward with anticipation at her first meeting with the photographer that would be responsible for her aesthetics as well as wardrobe.

It was still morning when she arrived to the building and she parked her trusty white sedan on the corner in employee parking. She wouldn't have to worry about feeding the meter since there was none and employees could park for free.

The minute she walked in, everyone seemed overjoyed to see her.

"That's the one I was telling you about. Our manna from heaven.", one executive said as she took her by the arm and led her to a dressing room. She helped find her perfect color combination and began to prepare her for her first shoot.

"Don't be scared, everyone has the jitters when it's their first time.", she said, with a wink, making a clever double entendre. In essence it was true though. She was a virgin when it came to this job and had no idea what to expect, but she was looking forward to everything that came her way with increasing enthusiasm.

Chapter 3--Those Lips !

The moment she met Xavier, she knew he was going to be trouble. He was an incredibly gorgeous Frenchman with an accent that flowed from his lips like honey. His eyes were magnetic and his stare could transfix any of the women in the room. Yet, his eyes were focused on only one woman, and that was Faith. He had fallen for her in an instant and every time he took her photograph, he praised her with sensational French poetry. She rolled her eyes, not wanting to respond to his advances. She had been hurt many times and didn't want to go through more emotional hurt again, so she kept ignoring his profound poetry and adorable winks.

At the end of her shoot, he approached her, and cleared his throat, clearly nervous in her presence.

"You are like an angel. Your lips are so sumptuous and sexy.", he complimented, meaning every word he said.

"Thank you, Xavier. I was born sexy, I can't help myself.", Faith said, chuckling a bit.

"Would you like to go to dinner with me sometime ?", he said, his dark eyes full of hope. He was still shaking and she had never seen anyone shake so much just by being close to her. It was very touching and sweet. Frankly, she had no idea how to respond to his invitation.

"I'll think about it. We just met after all and I still need to get to know you.", she said, actually smiling honestly for the first time in a long time.

"I know you from your photos and I am stricken by your soul. It is the purest, most seductive element I have ever seen…", he said, blushing darkly. He seemed to be floating blissfully being so close to her he could almost reach out and touch her hand, but knew better not to take her hand unless she allowed him to do so.

"I am touched, Xavier. Thank you for the compliments. I suppose I will see you again tomorrow.", she said as she walked away. He sighed dreamily as he watched her leave hand over his heart.

"Mon dieu, even watching her go is like poetry in motion.", he thought to himself, completely lost in a trance but snapped out of it, realizing he too, had to head home for the evening.

Chapter 4--Whatever Happened, I Am Not Like That

It had been five months now since Faith had been working at Covergirl and she relished and savored every breath she took within that building. She found it strange, however, to see herself on a cover of a magazine or witness her own violet blue eyes staring down at her affectionately from a billboard could be a bit unnatural and unnerving but after seeing it so frequently, it became easier to accept.

Xavier had been patient in asking Faith for a date. He didn't understand why he kept rejecting his thoughtful words and small gifts. He would do so every so often and compliment her after a shoot. He was still deeply in love with her and admitted dreaming of her at night. He didn't admit to her that some of the dreams were sexual, but he was normal man with common desires and deep within his heart he wanted to fulfill her in every possible way, even if it meant getting hurt in the process.

That night, after a long shoot, Faith watched a movie on her couch with some friends from work, laughing until her sides hurt. The phone rang. Luz, her dearest friend, nudged her in the side,

"Girl, I bet it's that Xavier fellow again. You'd better grab him before one of us does !", she admitted, laughing. Xavier was a rather hunky guy, but very down to earth and ethereal in word and deed. He believed that God had brought Faith into his life, but he hadn't told her this yet, thinking that revealing such a revelation would be too much information too soon and maybe frightening to her.

"Go out on a date with him ! It's been five months already now. Don't let this catch elude you.", another best friend, Holly piped up. Faith inhaled and exhaled deeply. Her heart was open to change and her mind was willing to explore the possibilities of a romantic relationship, so, she picked up the phone. By her side, like giggling schoolgirls, her best girlfriends, Luz, Holly, and Sierra listened in as she spoke to him.

"Looks like it's a date.", she said, with a bit of a contrived smile.

"Oh come on ! It'll be fun. How I envy you.", Sierra confessed, hugging her around the waist and kissing her cheek. Faith put on makeup and her best little black dress, to which the girls responded with low wolf whistles and cat calls.

"Rowrrrr, go get 'em, Faith !", Luz cheered, giving Faith a bit of a pat on the backside. Faith laughed heartily and returned the favor, hugging her back. She hugged all of her friends before leaving and they sat together on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watched a romantic comedy together.

Faith could've been knocked out at the fact that Xavier drove a hot sports car which was also a convertible or that he wore the finest designer clothes, but his smile was enough to make her feel a bit weak in the knees. His magnetic eyes drew her in suddenly and she found herself a bit short of breath.

"Hello, beautiful.", he said, seductively, his French accent caressing her. She shook the feeling of tingling around her entire frame, intoxicating as it was. She was still aloof from him although she enjoyed his company. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't turn off that annoying voice in the back of her head screaming at her,

"He's like every other man in your life who wants to manipulate you and kick you to the curb like garbage."

They ate at a rather high end French restaurant and he ordered wine to go with their dinner.

"I couldn't help thinking of you when I ordered. It is a delicate wine, seductive and sensual…", he said, sounding as if he was already intoxicated. She actually heard his words for once and they stirred her heart, but again that voice interrupted.

"He's a playboy…Ignore his flattery."

After the date he took her to the park and sat down with her, taking her hand in his.

"You're killing me, straight to the heart. Why do you have to be so cold ?", he beckoned.

"It's not you, Xavier…I find you very attractive. It's just that…men have always been jerks in my life.", she said, looking away from him momentarily to hide a blush. Tenderly, he took her chin in his hands and lovingly gazed into her eyes.

"Whatever happened, I'm not like that.", he said. She knew he was telling her the truth. At first, she was a bit bewildered having her eyes locked into his feeling stark and exposed but she felt as if she was bathed in light. Slowly, he drew her lips to his and they kissed for what seemed to be hours. Each drink of his lips was like heaven, as if her soul touched his. He parted his lips from hers and looked at her, ebullient.

"That is what I have been longing to do for years and now, my darling, I am fulfilled. This is the beginning of something…magical.", he said, waxing poetic.

"I feel it is too, Xavier. I'll follow your lead.", she said, trustingly as she took his hand gently and he escorted her to his BMW and she was taken home.

Right before she said goodnight, she kissed him passionately again.

"Thank you. I feel like a princess when I am with you.", she confessed.

"You are a princess, my dear. Always.", Xavier purred, stroking her chin delicately, watching her whole frame melt into his hands. He loved seeing her expression dance and become illumined. She became somewhat mystical in the moonlight as they parted ways.

"Bon nuit, mon amour.", she said, sweetly, and his heart sang louder than it had ever sung before.

Chapter 5--Wedding Bells

Faith couldn't complain. She lived quite a glamorous life. Typical people would ask her for autographs and she was delighted to sign them in her spare time. Only recently had Xavier asked for her hand in marriage and they had been dating for 2 years now. She discovered that little by little, all the dreams she had ever experienced during childhood were now coming true. She and Xavier would be getting married later on in the spring when the weather was more favorable. Only recently, the new year had begun and he surprised her with a ring on New Year's Day. It was just like something she would expect from a storybook, but never in reality. All her girlfriends could do was talk about the big day in April and how 'fortunate she was'. Some of them were even slightly envious but that didn't change their relationship with Faith. Faith was a down-to-earth woman with a huge heart. She could ease any situation with the flash of her smile. There was something unearthly about her talents in taking the tension out of a room that commanded people's attention, even if she wasn't aware of her limpid eyes.

Work was plentiful and Faith had even found time to pursue other desires, such as cooking and traveling. She would be traveling plenty during her honeymoon since Xavier had saved enough money for them to travel around Europe in approximately 80 days. She had heard of people doing so but never thought it was actually possible. Now she wondered if all of her dreams indeed were probable. Since meeting Xavier and opening her heart completely to him, she felt as if there wasn't anything that couldn't be done when she was with him, or alone, with the thought of him in her mind to warm the cockles of her heart.

April came upon the rush of the wind and before Faith knew it, she had bought her choice of the 'perfect wedding dress'. It was completely composed of lace, giving her the look of an angel or an Italian princess. Her hands, which were gloved, were becoming a bit sweaty.

"Why am I so anxious ?", she said to her best friends, who were waiting for the wedding march to play.

"We're nervous too, but we're with you. You're going to be alright. Just breathe, honey.", Luz said, patting her hand. Inasmuch as she was sweating up a storm and feeling slightly unsure of herself she followed Luz's advice and breathed deeply as Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring finished and Mendelssohn's March sounded over the pipes of the organ.

Standing at the altar, looking suave and debonair as always, Xavier patiently waited for his bride-to-be to approach him. He had been weeping with joy to be joined with her officially. Not only was he marrying the woman of his dreams, but he was also becoming an official American citizen, so two victories had been accomplished in one fell swoop.

As the pastor read their vows, the couple stood, hand in hand, their eyes locked into one another's.

"Should anyone disagree with this union may he speak now or forever hold their peace.", the pastor said, in an inviting and generous tone. No one had any quibbles with the union, so the two kissed and immediately, Xavier flung Faith into his arms. She squealed in surprise and jocularity as he paraded her down the aisle with the biggest, most radiant smile he had ever had on his face in years.


Faith awakened one night and turned around to see Xavier by her side, peacefully sleeping. He had a cocky grin on his face, a look of fulfillment and utter peace. She smiled and exhaled in ecstasy, holding his hand up to her beating heart. Everything had been so beautiful, so surreal, she had thought it was a dream. And now the two were going to be expecting their first-born. Of course, having a baby would change their lives drastically since their free-spirited days traveling Europe and seeing the historical sites and savoring the splendid food those countries so bountifully offered.

In nine long months, Faith finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Pierre, after Xavier's father. She had met his parents before and they were as wonderful and fascinating as he was. They were spiritual folks, living life to the fullest. Their happiness was contagious, and it seemed to follow them wherever they went. Pierre Michelle and his wife, Amelia, doted on little Pierre Luke. He had his father's silken raven hair and his mother's violet-blue eyes. From the looks of it, he would definitely become a handsome man and Xavier was dreading the day when girls would start hanging all over him.

"We won't have to worry though, because he will be a gentleman just like my little Xavier.", Amelia said, kissing her son's cheeks, causing him to blush.

"Mama !", Xavier exclaimed a bit embarrassed. He adored his mom, but she could be a smidge over affectionate to him, especially in public. It didn't bother Faith at all. Her parents were the same, so her family and the Michelle's got along splendidly.

Work and school keep Faith and Xavier busy, and with the arrival of little Miranda in the world, life became twice as busy for them. They never leave Miranda unattended. When Pierre is out of school, he can care for her, and he does incredibly well even though at times he does become a bit jealous of his little sister. Despite jealousy and the occasional tiff, he does love her dearly and loves to read to her, rock her to sleep and play pretend with her. Pierre relishes taking care of his little sister and hopes someday to become a pediatrician. In the back of his mind, he wonders what little "Miry" will be, but he'll have to wait until she talks to tell him that.

The flame of love has never flickered between the lovers turned parents. At first, they had begun as friends but that relationship blossomed over time. There are still nights Faith awakens, believing everything has been a dream and sometimes she even pinches herself to reawaken her body. Then she realizes, it isn't a dream. Everything she has ever wanted has been fulfilled. With a silent thank you, she raises her violet-blue eyes to the sky, curls in the embrace of her beloved and drifts off to another tranquil dream where the skies are never ending, and never cloudy.

The End