Chapter 1


That was the sound of my fist against his nose.

I slowly circled my opponent and glanced at our surroundings. In this freezing alley, the light was too faint to try anything complicated.

The man in front of me glared through the blood on his face. He spat at me and growled,

"Who the fuck do you think you are asshole? Some sort of superhero?"

Because of my black face cover, he couldn't tell I was a girl. My low growling voice helped hide my gender.

"No. Don't you know you know who we are?" I gestured around us.

Suddenly my group of friends stepped out of the shadows forming a semicircle. His eyes widened and fear filtered into them.

"Shit…," he whispered.

Yeah, that's right. Be scared.

"Your guys…you're that gang," he stuttered.

Well. I wouldn't call us a gang. More like a bunch of friends who fight for the same cause.

"That's right," I said, stepping back in line with my friends. I completed the semicircle and we all approached him.

The man screamed and quickly turned to sprint away. As soon as he started running, I glanced at Alec who was right beside me and said,

"Race ya."

He grinned and we both sprinted after the man.

As we were running, I took a quick turn and leapt up onto a balcony. I swung up onto the roof and sprinted across. I could see the man running below and Alec a few steps behind him.

I took a deep breath and leapt down and landed in a tucked roll. I pinned the man to the ground while he shrieked and fought to punch me.

Alec caught up and we took the man in our arms and led him into the night. I knew the rest of the group would catch up eventually.

The darkness swallowed us as we finished our business.


"Sienna! Wake up! You're going to be late for school!" my mom yelled from downstairs.

I groaned and pulled myself out of bed. I looked at myself in the mirror and grimaced. I had a few bruises where the man had tried to punch me the previous night.

"Sienna! Your face!" my mom exclaimed as she came into my room. "I swear those martial arts and kickboxing classes are going to be the death of you one day."

In order to make up excuses for my injuries, I had told my mom that I had started taking intense martial arts and kickboxing classes.

I was ready to sink back into bed when I heard Alec honk his horn outside, signaling his arrival to take me to school.

Ugh, high school. The bane of my existence.

As I got into the car, I winced as I hit a few bruises. Alec glanced at me and said,

"Rough one? He was pretty huge."

I nodded and replied,

"I'm just pissed he got some on me."

Alec laughed and started to drive.

"Well we can't all be perfect street fighters all the time."

Street fighters. That's what we are. We protect people from the crime in our huge city.