Electric Rhythms

Begins with strumming light
Erupts into a furious roar
It's a pain that nobody fights
And everyone simply craves more.

An electric stabbing in the ears
Vibration rocking the eyes
It's a rage that nobody fears
A drug that everyone tries.

Tastes so wonderful for the soul
Comes in many different flavors
Pleases entire populations whole
So many brands to savor…

Coming through in violent waves
Or ends in gentle streams
Can make an atmosphere spiral and rave
So manipulative, it seems…

Bring forth the quakes and quivers
Cause jumping in this space!
Bring on the shakes and shivers
Shake the walls in this place!

Everybody is trapped within
The love that we all share so
For that blissfully benign sin
Of electric rhythms that we know.