Today when I jumped in my neighbor's pool, and had my head underwater, I realized how easy it would be just to keep my head underwater. To never resurface, and in that infinitesimal second, years of hurt and anguish and fear came rushing to the surface and manifested into a few swift tears. Their life was short lived as they mingled with the pool water and were brushed away by my hand.

For the next half an hour, I floated on my back for the first time, and it was then I realized that in the space where the water met the sky, existed another place and time. A whole other world existed right there, where silence and dark fused into one and I couldn't hear a thing, and for once I wasn't scared. Because I knew that if I had gotten scared all it would take is a dip of my head beneath the water, for change.

I thought to myself, it wouldn't really be all that hard, as I had once almost knew drowning as death, and I had come to term with the power of water as the end of life. Longer and longer, I would float, face down, a few times, sucking in more water than air; and for once, I was not scared, I did not care.

When my feet touched ground again, I felt more real than I had ever before, heavier with the weight of the burdens I had been dodging. I drug my feet towards the house, ate the food I was offered tasting very little of it, and drifted on home, to wallow.

Hours later, the tears wont stop, and my heart is stuck in between the water and the sky, with an infinite; lonely beat. Slowly, the sky slides away dripping like a Dali painting into the recesses of my mind.

A/N: I dont know what this is, and I dont like it.