IYou don't know how you hurt me a minute back there,

You have no idea how for a moment, the pain laid my soul bare.

I wish I could rave and rant,

But seeing the obliviousness on your face, I just can't.

It would shock you, I believe,

And you simply couldn't perceive,

What you did to make me feel like that.

Your shock would make me feel like a total rat.

You're my best friend; I know you better than anyone on earth.

I've seen you in tears and helpless with mirth.

But you don't know that you're my best friend too.

You can't know what I accidentally gave you the power to do.

You wouldn't purposely use the ability to hurt me,

But my pain is something only I can see.

I never let any of my friends see so much of who I really am,

But you're such a sweet girl, and gentle as a lamb.

I've always been a secret, a mystery,

And no one ever had the sense not to flee.

I'm afraid that if I stay, I'll learn to need your company,

And I'll be afraid, if I go, of what I'll learn to be.

So I won't say a word to you,

About how I feel when you do what you do.

If you figure it out and ask about the pain, I won't pretend I don't care,

But unless you do, this is simply something I can and will bear.