I wish you were open with me,

Because I saw what you didn't want me to see.

Oh, I've known for a long time now what you were like,

Pessimistic, and always waiting for disaster to strike.

A little bit angry, a lot bit bitter,

And whatever else you are, you aren't a quitter.

I'm quiet and shy and maybe not terribly bright,

In fact, I'm rather stupid, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with my sense of sight.

I saw the quick, hurt, longing looks you sent us,

And I knew you weren't the type to fuss.

When I finally got my guy,

I saw that you felt like you were going to die.

You're not hard for me to read, you know,

And I won't let you know it is so.

I want to tell you that you'll get him at last,

And he'll leave me, saying, "The past is the past."

Still, I hope you understand love him to much to leave him to you.

What am I saying? Of course you do.

YOu know what it's like to fall for someone,

But I never noticed that this could hurt you until the dead was done.

I have something to say; a simple phrase,

But if I did, you'd be angry for the rest of your days.

You're a proud, proud girl, my dear,

And your anger when pitied is something to fear.

You tend to lash out when I do things that make you feel that I'm sorry for you,

But would I ever say something that wasn't true?

Let me work up the courage to say what I need to say.

OUCH! I just did and you hit me so hard my head'll be spinning the rest of the day.