Chapter Four: February 11th, 2008; The Awakening

Max moved from behind Christopher and took her place beside Charlie to show that Charlie was a safe man, someone that Christopher did not have to fear. "Chris, it's all right. This is Charlie, the family friend that I told you about. He can tell you what's happening to you."

"What's happening to me? Nothing is happening to me." Christopher said defensively. He didn't want to acknowledge the subtle changes that his body was making like an increase in his hearing ability and sense of smell. "Other than that thing that came after us last night, nothing out of the ordinary has happened to me."

"Christopher, I know all about the changes that your body has been going through and will go through. Haven't you noticed that you are completely healed? After the two story fall you had last night you can walk steadily. There are no bruises or scars on your body and soon your strength will increase and the rest of your powers will come into play."

Charlie stared at his grandson before making his way over to him and placing his hands on Christopher's shoulder in a soothing and comforting gesture. "You will need our help if you wish to control them and protect yourself from the Noson who will stop at nothing until you are dead."

"So those things won't stop until I'm dead? Why? Why do they want to kill me? What the hell is going on here?!" Christopher screamed. He was beginning to panic. His life turned upside down in the course of a few hours. Now his life was in danger. Now these things wanted him dead. Chris could feel himself starting to hyperventilate. He needed to sit down but the only place he could sit was on the bed…beside Charlie and he did not trust the man.

"You need to calm down, child. Everything will be well soon."

"Didn't you say that the big freakin' thing that was in my house is going to hunt me down and try to kill me for the rest of my life? How am I supposed to calm down? That's not something that someone just bounces back from."

"Chris—" Max began but was promptly stopped by Charlie who signaled her to remain quiet. He watched as the conflicting emotions played across Christopher's face.

"I can't deal with this right now."

Chris could feel bile rising in his throat. He promptly dropped on his hands and knees before emptying his stomach's contents, or lack there of.

Max wanted to help Chris. She knew how traumatizing it was for her when she learned what she was capable of doing. She didn't know where she belonged, whether she was human or a hybrid. She watched as Christopher continued to gag for a few moments before he was helped to his feet by Charlie.

"You must. Time is of the essence. It can not be wasted because you feel faint of heart."

Christopher shoved Charlie away and struggled to stand on his own. Once he became secure, he faced the duo with eyes that expressed an abundance of uncertainty.

"Faint of heart? You just told me that more of those things will come after me. Why can't you understand how serious of a situation this is?!"

"It's you that doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. These things can destroy the world and we need your help to stop them."

Silence passed as Christopher took the time to calm himself down, even though his most basic of instincts were telling him to run as fast as he could. He didn't trust Charlie. Something about the old man seemed dishonest.

"You still didn't answer my question. Why are they after me? Why do they want me dead?"

Charlie looked down just to the left of Christopher's feet at the wooden floor. He released a sigh before letting go of Christopher. "Your father, they want to kill you because of the powers that were given to you by your father."

"My father doesn't have any powers. My father can barely cook without someone's help."

"Your biological father, Christopher, was the one that gave you your powers. That book that was given to you at your mother's will reading held within it your family legacy and you activated it the moment you touched it. The Noson wanted the book to increase there power and possibly remove yours."

Christopher immediately thought back to the book that he left in his study. "So the book can remove my powers? These weird things can stop happening to me?"

"You shouldn't think that way Chris. Your powers are a gift."

Maxine began walking towards him but stopped when Christopher shook his head and turned his back to the pair. He couldn't see how his powers were a gift. Gifts were meant to be something good not nearly caused his death and…

"Are you alright Max? I don't think I've asked you yet."

"Yes, I'm fine. You saved my life."

Christopher felt a tingling sensation on his shoulder, similar to static electricity, and knew that it was Max that was now touching his shoulder, her touch instantly calmed him. The hand slid from his shoulder and into his hand creating wonderful sensations as it went.

"What you can do is amazing and you should embrace that. Didn't you say that you wanted to learn more about your father? Well, here's your chance."

Max turned Christopher around so he was facing her and he could so much emotion swirling around her eyes that it drew him into her. It was almost like a force of energy was forcing him to drift closer to Maxine.

Charlie was staring at the pair with worriedly. Max and Christopher would definitely have to be separated. What was occurring in front of his eyes was greater than anything he had ever feared. They were developing a connection with each other that would prove destructive once Christopher came into his full powers. The older gentleman cleared his throat in order to capture there attention.

"Maxine, I believe your mother is waiting for you in the study. You should go meet with her as soon as possible. If you need us, Christopher and I will be here."

Maxine's hand immediately fell from Christopher's. She bid her farewell and went to see her mother as requested. Charlie watched as Christopher's eyes followed Maxine out of the room and the small smile that graced his face. When Charlie was sure that Maxine was out of hearing range he began speaking.

"I can see that you have taken a liking to our Maxine."

"I have. " Christopher admitted. He watched as Charlie went over to the bookcase and pull out a few books.

"You should do your best to stay away from each other. Any relationship that is held between you two that is anything more than acquaintances will not be beneficial to our cause or your well being."

"I don't understand what you're saying. Maxine seems like a nice girl."

"Looks can be deceiving," Charlie mumbled under his breath while he sat a few books down on Christopher's bed. He motioned Christopher to come forward and he did, reluctantly. "I can see that you are not completely accepting of your lineage and the powers that you will possess after completing your training."

Christopher still had questions about Charlie's comment about Maxine but decided that he wouldn't pursue it for the moment. While it was true that he wanted to learn more about his biological family he wasn't sure if he was ready to immerse himself into a world that was unlike anything that he had ever known. A world filled with creatures that only live in children nightmares.

He watched as Charlie opened one of the books to a page that contained information on the creature that attacked him and Maxine last night. It was a Noson, a member or Cythrual worshippers.

"These books are filled with information on every creature and demon in existence. Before you decide to walk away from your birth right you should know what kind of creatures you will be allowing to change the world as we know it. If we're lucky, they may not completely annihilate the human race."

Charlie left the room, closing the door behind him. Christopher picked the book up from off the bed and began reading it. He thought it would be best to make an informed decision and the way Charlie was speaking earlier, the fate of the entire world rested on his willingness to accept and embrace his heritage.


"Shouldn't we get the book back as soon as possible? How else will you train Christopher?" Maxine asked her mother when she entered the study.

Charlene was sitting at one of the many tables inside the study that resembled a library with the many bookshelves and small amount of seats.

"I've already spoken to Charlie about that."

"And what did Grandpa Charlie say?"

"He has informed me that he wishes for us to retrieve the book as soon as possible."

"Great, why don't we leave now?"

Maxine started to walk towards the study entrance but it closed before she could reach it. She turned to face her mother with a questioning stare and was rewarded with silence. Maxine sighed before joining her mother at the study table and wondered why she decided to close the door telepathically.

Although both Charlene and Charlie were completely human, they were able to gain a few powers from the Edmonds book. While their powers were great, it was no match for what Max and Christopher possessed.

"There is no point in us leaving. The book is safe if what you said about the enchantment is accurate."

"But that won't stop—"

"And we do not have the correct DNA to deactivate the enchantment ourselves. We will need the help of Charlie or Christopher and since both seem preoccupied we will have to wait," Charlene interrupted.

"Just because the Hybrids can't leave the house with the book it does not stop them from reading it."

"It doesn't but if I remember correctly, the hybrids are not intelligent creatures and probably won't think of copying the information down and they most likely will not know how to read the ancient language."

"I don't like to leave things up to chance." She couldn't understand why her mother did not understand how dangerous it was to leave the book unintended. It was completely irresponsible.

"And neither do I but we do not have a choice. We must wait for Charlie whether we like it or not. Besides, Charlie knows what he doing."

"I thank you for your kind words, Charlene. And I understand and appreciate your concerns Maxine."

Both women turned there attention to Charlie who was looking at them both with the smile that they were used to although it did not reach his eyes. He joined them at the study table, sitting across from Charlene.

"How is Christopher doing?" Charlene asked.

"He is not as accepting of his responsibilities as I had hoped but he looks like he will come around eventually. We will start his training soon. Charlene you will train his telepathic abilities. I will help him with his new found strength and weapon combat."

"Well what about me? I can help him with his senses and hand-to-hand combat."

"I don't think that would be a good idea, Maxine. I can help him with those."

"How, you don't have super human senses and those are great assets during a fight and besides, I'm more skilled than the both of you."


"I agree. You should be the one to train him in those areas"


"But," he directed at Charlene who was staring at him in disbelief. "I must warn you that you must be sure not to allow yourself to become too attached to him. You are a hybrid after all and you have a tendency to loose control when you become too comfortable."

"Of course," Maxine said with a sad smile. She hated when they reminded her that she wasn't completely human but that she was a monster that was unpredictable, "I completely understand."