Molly gazed at the stars. She felt the dewy grass on her back. The stars were so big, and bright. She reached out her hand as if to touch each of them. She gazed over at Bryan her neighbor and boyfriend. For weeks she had begged him to go star gazing with her. Now, the last week of summer vacation, Bryan agreed to go just this once.

"Bryan, aren't so you glad you came?" Molly asked softly as she listened to the crickets chirp.

Bryan was silent. Molly knew that he was just too memorized by the stars to speak.

"This is so romantic; just me and you, gazing at the stars; they're beautiful."

He responded with a, "Hm."

"How about a kiss under the stars?"

She awaited his answer. In a few moments Bryan let out a loud snore.


Bryan rolled over sleepily. Molly stood up angrily.

"I'll just leave you here!"

With that Molly brushed the grass off her shirt and stormed inside.

About an hour later Molly awoke to noise outside her open window. She stretched and peered outside. Bryan's angry parents were standing over him. Bryan's father reached down and pulled Bryan's arm causing him to let out a yelp and jump to his feet. Molly could hear Bryan's mother screaming at him. "Serves him right." Was all Molly thought before going back to sleep.