Plot: Meet Jackie, just another girl who is partly crushed and partly content with the fact that her life couldn't possibly get worse. But of course, the threatening combination of a new stepfather, two new stepbrothers and the annoying boy next door in a whole new city had to prove her wrong.


A/N. Hey all! This is the REWRITE of Jackie. I feel obligated to complete the story but couldn't till now because there were way too many plot-holes, typos and unwanted stuff. This is my attempt to polish it a bit and make it more readable. A lot of characters and plot-lines are going to change and I'm keeping the half-written old version up ONLY because I don't have the heart to delete it. R&R!



"Honey, I really wish you'd stop sulking," Donna Whelan mumbled with a sigh as she dropped a bag of packaged tomatoes in the shopping cart. She moved on as her dark-haired sulky teenage daughter trudged after her. She tucked a strand of her unmanageable yet lovely blonde locks behind her ear as she waited (perhaps too hopefully) for her daughter's response.

She didn't get one.

Jackie seemed to be too busy glaring at everything around her to pay attention to her mother.

Donna stopped to inspect the array of pumpkins. Maybe she could try making pumpkin tarts since Mrs. Cunnings had given her the recipe yesterday. It would be a change. Jackie seemed to be getting bored of take-out. And she hadn't cooked since Winnie had moved out.


Donna's throat felt slightly parched at the thought of Winnie. He had been really good to her, Winnie had. They had shared a lovely six months together. They had..they had certainly completed each other. So why had Winnie suddenly broke up with her without warning?

It seemed like none of her relationships were destined to work. Ethan, Jackie's father had lasted the longest. Five whole years. But he had ended up cheating on her with some feisty redhead he'd met at a supermarket.

"Mo-om..when the hell are we getting out of here?" Jackie wanted to know, her loud, whiny voice cutting short her thoughts. "I'm sleeping over at Cassie's, remember?"

"I'm almost done," Donna promised, smiling slightly. "It would get over fast if you helped me a bit."

Jackie rolled her eyes.

"Sure, mom." she responded, scoffing. "I'll pick the vegetables and you'll reexamine each and every vegetable again for another forty five frickin' minutes to see if it's clean and fresh. I don't think my help'll make a difference."

Donna laughed, ruffling her fifteen-year old daughter's long brown locks affectionately causing Jackie to step back warily.


"What, darl-"

"Finish your vegetable shopping- or whatever. Quickly. Please?"

Donna obliged as she moved her cart forward passing an old woman and her husband arguing loudly. She was just going to stop as she spotted string beans and spinach when her cart collided with another-


She was knocked off balance as she let out a tiny 'O' of surprise. Seconds later, she found herself staring into a pair of ice-blue eyes belonging to a slightly older, very handsome, dark-haired man.

The man's lips moved fast as he seemed to be apologizing profusely.

She melted under his gaze.

His hand was outstretched. She took it as he helped her up, a small, charming smile playing on his perfectly shaped lips.

She smiled weakly.

He smiled back.

And the way his mouth curved into that gorgeous smile that made her want to reach out to him the way she'd wanted to reach out to Winnie was enough – enough for her heart to lurch. How long would this one last?