The feeling that you gave

I would have killed for

But Now I have a reason to exist

And now it's No longer just You


I know what you want and I'll give it all to you

For this night you and me will kill

All I thought I could stand for

By the way I feel it all growing inside

Why do you hate me?

It's sad to see how fast you can go

(Verse two)

I felt the way you looked at me and knew the lies you breathed

But I thought that if I could somehow show you how much I loved you

You could think differently

But no, I know now that you would always just kill me by

Always in my head.


I knew that running was no good

And the gods proved that point perfectly

So now we know that life is all points of view

Thanks for being that way

I'll be stronger now that were through

I hope that him and you kill each other like you always do.


Thanks for being my Gateway to hell

Thanks for being my Sad tale

Thanks for being my reason to breathe


I'll see you later


I'll see you later


From just me…..(3x)