Misery loves company

I'm gonna sit down here

I'm gonna sit right down right now, arms crossed like an obstinate child, with my legs curled Indian style beneath me until you come

Until you come and you sit down beside me and give me back what you took from me

You promised, you promised me

and now I cannot leave until you come and you sit down beside me

and you say, "You're right and I promised, and I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you."

Will a mockingbird (that don't sing), will then a diamond ring, do?

And you'll come and you'll sit down beside me and fix it all like it's just a broken doll with a bad haircut

I will not move, I will not come inside when my mother leans out the window, says its suppertime, and honey, come inside, it's getting dark and you could get hurt out there

I know, I know, in exasperated tones that get older everyday

But I know you'll come, you'll come the moment that I go, so

I'm waiting, I'm waiting like an obstinate child, who doesn't know what she's waiting for

—or what to call the broken doll she cradles in her red paper heart, that vacated nursery

(This is how wars start. And fires and nuclear explosions. This is how knees are skinned and feelings are hurt. This is how you got stuck here with one foot on each step of the stairs. And now I am there. Does it make you happy, does it make you free? For misery loves company.)