Pandora's Jewelry Box

Pandora opened the box, but damned if she cared
about tossing aside greed, deceit, and vanity
for Hope, a beautiful bracelet for her to wear.

She chained the gold to her wrist, but certainly, she shared
with the world its discarded tissue wrapping of want, apathy, and enmity.
Know it was Pandora who opened that box, and damned us. If you care—

Pandora pitied the figures broken with despair,
For they lacked her rare protection that sparkled with naivety
Hope, a beautiful bracelet made for her alone to wear.

If for a moment she shared, the rest of the gift would not spare
her the cutting pain of cold diamonds and polished infidelity
Pandora opened the box, damned if she cared.

With ribbon-bound disaster, Prometheus adorned his marble lover fair,
knowing she was perfect only as far as he could see.
But Hope was a beautiful bracelet to wear

Pandora was but an empty velvet case,
But damned if he cared
A beautiful woman in your jewels is a golden brace
for a tarnished epic ego to wear.