Every night before I sleep I think of you

The birds sing

The flowers sway in the wind

The sun is finally setting

The moon is already in the sky

The clouds turn a bright shade of pink

The sky is the bluest of blues

In the distance bonfires burn

The fireflies are out to play

Like so many stars shining and dancing away

Tall trees and soft grass

Cool stones and shadows

Here is where she stands

The darling

They call her

Her beauty is divine

The fairy

They call her

Her opal wings make it clear

Long hair

Black hair

So dark it looks almost blue

Smooth skin

Almond skin that sparks in the light

Bright Eyes

Bold eyes

So green they but the leaves t shame


Fine eyes

So alive and full of hope

And that smile

That heavenly smile

That tears men's hearts from their chests

Just one smile

One look

She'll have you tied to her

It's magic

So they say

No creature could be that lovely

No human

No fairy

No siren

Nor and elf

It can't be, that's what they say

They can't stand to be faced with such perfection

So she live, ever alone

She hides her face from man

Because they curse her, her beautiful face

That tears the earth apart

And she'll live alone


Until some one wins her heart

Til some one wins her heart