A Night Terror

Upon the time she opens her eyes,
Her green eyes have turned red.
Her throat is sore from screeching cries
Erupting from her head.

She's squirmed and she's writhed,
She's screamed and she's cried
Yet she always manages to survive
After death has made its try.

The torture comes by cloak of dark
Grabs her abruptly 'round the neck
Goes for the throat like a vicious shark
With accuracy direct.

And her eyes have opened wide
But yet she's stricken blind
While laughter rings from he who hides
In corners of her mind.

She stares down a darkened face
Cold eyes, wicked smile on his lips…
She struggles, yet is bound in place
He touches her with piercing fingertips.

His eyes roll back in his head
As a secret in her he confides,
"Oh, dear girl, you'll soon be dead,
For there's nowhere for you to hide…"

A grasping force digs into her throat—
She feels her neck begin to bleed
Her rapid pulse causes her blood to coat
His hands with his evil deed…

He moves another hand down to her wrist
Plunges his horrid fingernails in
How he loves how when she resists!
When he rips into her skin…

And she cries in an agonized voice,
But there is no sound for echoes to hear…
And it seems she has no choice
Her fate has just become clear…

But then it suddenly goes away
And she's shuddering in her bed
Another night terror comes to play
With the demons in her head…