Announcement, readers old and new:

I will be removing The Folly of a Monster Love, except for the first and last chapters, in a few weeks. However, already posted is the first chapter of its rewritten counterpart, Carriers.

I love this story, but the only way to give it justice is to give it a proper rewrite, and I have fallen more in love with this story in its resurrection, six years – yes, 6 years! – after the first chapter was originally published. I've rewritten more or less a quarter of the original and aim to keep up with bi or triweekly updates . . . hopefully.

I remain humbled by the fact that people are still managing to find this story buried in the depths of FP and so greatly appreciate all the alerts and favorites and reviews I've gotten since posting the last chapter over two years ago, so if you liked the story, please head on over and have yourself a read.

I'm looking forward to returning to this journey with you all once again.

As always, happy reading!