My story, is just like everyone else's except quite different from the everyone you know.

The story reflects my brand of everyone, the legends, the tall tales, the myths and rumors.

Yeah, that's my brand, along with Hercules, Thor, Anubis, Shiva, Vampires and Wolf Men.

But the truth is although the tales seem real enough even though we, the myth-heads, believe that these myths are true their are some circumstances in which we say proof is inconclusive.

But I was able to see through the eyes of a legend and was rewarded the mirrored reflection of s legend.

I lived my life in Trenton, New Jersey, and even though it was the capital their was still poverty.

So don't nag me about that.

After my senior year in high school I went to work at Crazy Al's Pizzas.

I was tried as a delivery boy getting pizzas to people's houses in 60 minutes or less.

But after a year of stunningly amazing progress, Crazy Al Pluie promoted me to working in the kitchen.

During the time, the hours were lengthy and trumpsone, but Al was impressed.

And soon we became good friends.

We didn't hang out outside of work.

But Al always told me jokes and helped me out.

Al wanted to be a comedian, but he never could solely gain a traveling gig.

So he ended up selling pizzas to support him financially.

I myself had no real future ambition for a career.

That was when Al approached me.

"Rodlin, I have to ask you a question?".

"Shoot, you can ask me whatever you like Al".

"Rodlin, I know your going to college but what of after?".


"I mean after college, what kind of career are you going for?".

"I never really thought about it, I guess I want to be a sculptor".

"You know creating sculptures out of the bare elements of the Earth".

And from there on I crafted sculptures that Al could use to decorate the store.

Al claimed that it was to give myself training and practice in the field of work I was going into.

Al also gave me a bonus after a while to enhance my creativity and to tempt the minds of the beholders.

Life was going great, I had a job, I was in college, I was making money for crafting art out of raw materials and I had good friends, I couldn't be happier.

And soon I would gain the insight of a legend's eyes and become filled with endless more responsibilities.

"When the day looks promising, the sun will set soon".