AN: I'm not really fussed about the correct poetry styles etc. This is just something very personal I wanted to get written down. So please review the message of the poem, not the structure. Thank you. R&R please :)

The Truth about Love

Everyone says love is a wonderful thing

Full of daydreams and flowers and kittens and things

Fluffy feelings and mushy movies

Clasped sweaty palms and cute little kisses

Well let me tell you The truth, about love The truth is very different to the idea

Love is the suffering

Through the bad times with each other

Love is the longing

Just to recover

Love is the backstabbing

Pain and lost friends

Because you cannot have it both ways

Love is the surrender

To the past and the truth

Love is the unveiling

Of unfaithful moves

Love is the tears I cried over you

Love is the confusion

About what I knew

Love is you welcoming me into your arms

When I had no one to turn to but the one

Who broke my heart

Love is the mending

Which accompanies the pain

Love is the acceptance

That I wasn't there

Love is the anger

The hurt and the pain

Love is the uncertainty

About you and me

Love is the healing

And moving on from what you did

Love is forgiveness

Which to you

I wholeheartedly give

Love is me saying

I promise to stay

To be faithful despite you

And loyal and true

Love is me saying

I still wish to marry you

Love is the moving on

With my life

Love is the future

And I choose to be your wife