A/N: Okay, since FictionPress doesn't take brackets then we're using parenthesis to replace them. Just for some info, scene one was written by Azzie and scene two was written by SunnyD.

Act 1

Scene one


In Queens, NY, a girl named Amira, about 15, is sitting in a large, tattered arm chair, reading Harry Potter. A thunderstorm is taking place outside. The rain falls hard, the thunder is loud, and the lightning strikes continually. Suddenly, a rock the size of a ping pong ball pelts the window, cracking the glass, but not breaking it. Amira gets up cautiously and walks to the window. She unlocks it and lifts it up. There, standing in front of her apartment, is a boy. He's soaked, his black hair plastered to his face, his jeans and t-shirt soaking.

Amira: What are you doing? And who are you?

Another rock is thrown through the now open window, narrowly missing her head.

Boy: Oh. You're not Brittany.

Amira: (Confused) Uh..yeah. Thanks for noticing! Now, who are you?

Boy: Oh, right. I'm David. Do you know where Brittany's house is?

Amira: Who?

David: (Annoyed) Do you speak English?

Amira: (Offended) Yes!

David: Are you retarded?

Amira: (Frustrated) No! You're just not giving me much info here. Do I have to keep asking questions, or are you going to answer any of them?

David: Sorry. Brittany's my girlfriend. Brittany Deltoya. I guess this isn't her house, is it?

Amira: (Hands on hips) Nope. No Brittany here.

David: Ok. Sorry. (Hands up, backs away, eyebrows raised)

Amira returns to reading. There's a knock at her door. She answers it, to find her older sister, Phoebe, standing there, holding a small puppy in her hand.

Phoebe: It's your turn to take Puddles out, Mira.

Amira: (Pleading) But it's raining!

Phoebe: Suck it up. I have a date. (Shoves dog in Amira's face)

Amira sighs, hooking the leash to the dog's collar and stepping out into the cold rain.

Scene two

Amira: (Huffs) Come on, Puddles. . . . let's speed this up a little.

At the sound of her name Puddles looks up at Amira from the wet ground and cocks her head to the side curiously.

Amira: (Sighs) Sorry, girl, I didn't mean to distract you. Just do your thing.

Puddles looks at Amira a moment longer and then continues to sniff the ground carefully through the pouring rain. Amira draws her rain coat around her tighter, the lightning is making her slightly nervous.

David: Interesting time to go for a walk.

Amira looks up sharply to see David walking steadily towards her with his hands stuffed in his pockets, and his head is bent forward against the heavy rain/ wind.

Amira: I didn't exactly have a choice in the matter. Why don't you have an umbrella or something?

David: (Shrugs) I don't know, why do you care?

Amira: (Stiffens defensively) I don't. And what are you doing back here? Didn't you have a "Brittany" or someone to go to?

David: I. . . . uh. . . . . never could find her house. . . .

Amira: (Eyes narrow suspiciously) Right. . . . . so why did you decide to come back here?

David: Do you ALWAYS ask so many questions??

Amira: Only when I want some answers.

David: You never did tell me your name.

Amira: (Hesitates)

David: (Rolls eyes) I'm not a stalker or anything, I'm just curious. Is that a crime now?

Amira: (Relaxes slightly) No, I guess not. I'm Amira.

David: (Smiles goofily) Hi, Amira.

Amira: Hi.

Puddles starts whining, having done her business she is desperate to get out of the rain.

Amira: (Glances down at Puddles) I guess I'm free to go inside now.

David: (Looks slightly dejected) Yeah, I guess you are.

Amira: I think I've seen you around school before, right?

David: (Nods casually (or at least he tries to make it look casual)) Yeah, I go to your school.

Amira: Maybe I'll see you around, then.

David: (Grins) If you're lucky.