I Don't Date Cartoons


I guess it was somewhere north of Canada,
the moon was shining like the sun.
You'd close your eyes when the clouds drifted over,
you believed the moon was on the run.

"It's only logical, 'cause we are.
And it's following us close,"
you gave a contented shrug.
Darling, I always loved you most.

So now when I see the planets in South America,
they're always reflecting your eyes.
I guess just cause you're a celestial body,
that doesn't make you mine.

And sometimes I think the sun has dulled
just like the moon. And I
remember your eyes drifting to other guys saying,
"I don't date cartoons."

But at least you've got those negatives,
so you'll see me if you look just right.
Remember, I'm the guy with the beer in my hands,
reaching way down for your thighs.

Maybe every morning you'll wake up feeling sick.
Those are the mornings I wish
I hadn't done what I did.

Oh, but maybe some mornings, you'll wake up feeling blue.
I know you'll cut the collars off your shirts saying,
"I'm always like this on full moons."