A King was born,

Not in a castle,

Nor in the royal cradle,

But in a manger,

With the sheep and cattle.


What kind of King could he be?

Not born of royalty,

Or clothed in the finest.

What kind of King will he be?


What about one who helps the poor.

Dines with tax collectors,

And forgives the sinners.

He must be more than a king.


He declares himself the son of God.

So why doesn't God save him from death?

Why does God make him carry his own cross,

For sins he never committed?


Why doesn't God call on his angels,

To save his son from this pain?

Why doesn't God speak now?

For his son has died today.


Sunday morning,

A conflict arose.

A man's grave has been robbed.

Even his wrappings are gone.


Some claim they saw him,

He arose from the dead.

He said he died for us

For our sins.


So we could receive ever lasting life.

In God's kingdom,

In paradise.


Why would a king,

Die for a poor servant like me?