I started to write this story two years ago when I was 14 in my notebook that I always brought with me, until now. I never got to finish it because I started writing other stories instead. But when I opened that notebook again a few months ago, I realized I've actually written a pretty okay story, so I decided I continue it. I am focusing on this story for now, so hopefully I finish it within this year.

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The cold white bathroom was still, having only the sound of silence and the water running from the sink.

Jeanne looked into the bathroom mirror as she thought of what had happened lately. She couldn't believe it.

The thought of seeing another student's dead body raced in and out of her mind.

She let the running water from the sink faucet drench her two palms as she sank her head on them.

"I knew her," she whispered, a little louder than the sound of the wind, as she raised her head to look again at the mirror.

Her brownish-black hair was unkempt at the sides of her face, her beautifully thick eyebrows dripped with water, moderately plump lips went from red to pale pink and her hazel green eyes kept the stagnancy of a shock.

It was the most ill-stated happening Jeanne could ever think of as far as she could remember through her years in Terry Black Preparatory High School.

"Jeanne?" a sweet voice of a woman came in the door.

Jeanne turned the faucet off, her eyes half open focusing on the reflection of the door on the mirror.

"I can't believe Gwen Evans is dead," She looked into her mother's eyes, displaying a mixture of expressions of sympathy, fear and hate.

Her mother held her close. She remembered talking to Gwen yesterday. Her straight cropped-short chocolate brown hair, her charming smile and her fashionably cheerful and trendy clothing, all of which now are just memories.

Jeanne found her dead behind the bushes, eyes open and surrounded by shock, and everything else was dripping with blood.

She and Gwen were never close friends. Gwen always hanged out with the cliquey crowd, while Jeanne stayed in her own group of two; she and Kevin Ryan.

But Gwen was far more than that. She was nice, compassionate and very forgiving. Jeanne knows it. And from that moment Jeanne saw Gwen this morning, she could never feel worse.

Who could've attempted to cut such a wonderful person's life short? Why would that person ever do it? Is it because of jealousy? Hate? Is it Greed? Or Anger?

Whoever it was, that person sure made a point how mercilessly he or she has killed Gwen. It was proved the next day when Jeanne was called to the police station to answer some questions.

The station was pretty small, with ceiling fans whirring lazily above. Stacks of papers, pencil holders and paperweights crowded some desks, some of which even had a picture frame with a family portrait or a photo of a little girl.

"Tell us everything you saw," said the fat policeman with short strawberry blond hair.

"I saw Gwen Evans dead on the ground behind a bush, alright?" Jeanne had repeated this answer for the second time.

"I meant how it happened," said the cop irritably.

"You should've been more specific," Jean protested. She didn't want to talk anymore of what happened, though she knew she will still have to.

"Okay," started cop redhead, "I know this stresses you out Ms. Mercier, but this is really important." Jeanne recognized there was already a glint of resentment on his tone.

She didn't want to be a nuisance, so she gathered herself up and recalled what happened.

"I thought of going to school early that day so I could do my research in the library," She swallowed a huge gulp of air, "4 AM was the time I arrived. I didn't know what I was thinking. The library opens at 6 AM on Mondays, so I decided to come back in two hours."

Slowly, the picture of that very dark twilight came rolling back in her head. The freezing air slightly stifled her breathing and she could hear the wet dewed grass beneath her shoes. Conceiving it, she clasped both of her hands together and started to lay it out once more.

"I heard sounds from the small lot of woods behind the school building. It wasn't very far from the paved street." She tried to recall everything. Fortunately for the cops she had it all clear in her head.

"I heard sounds from the woods," she repeated, "I followed it without thinking…too overwhelmed with curiosity."

Suddenly a silence took over the moment and the cop was intently listening, waiting for Jeanne to tell him more.

The intensity was rising up. Once again, she pictured in her mind how she saw Gwen; this has got to stop.

I'm getting pathetic, she thought to herself. How in the world is she ever going to finish this if she keeps letting herself drift away into the horrible scene?

On the other hand, who wouldn't be traumatized by such a thing?

Nevertheless, she knew she had to get herself together.

She told them the rest of the story, how she had stumbled upon something and fell on the ground, felt the moist leaves of shrubs scratch her face until she finally hit the ground with her chest, luckily.

She looked up from the damp ground and recognized her flashlight illuminated a hand coming out from underneath one of the bushes. The ring finger wore a piece of silver crusted with diamond on the top side. Real diamonds, perhaps; she knew Gwen wasn't the kind who wouldn't wear one. Following the hand's arm wasn't much of a great idea, but she did so, only to find out it was the hand of someone she knew.

Seeing Gwen Evans dead felt so weird, the feeling even made her stomach roll over…she knew it would be different to see someone dead, but she never thought it would be this sickening.

Gwen's dark brown eyes showed no more than a sense of brutality as to what her murderer has done to her.

"Before I could scream, I heard a car speeding off the street."

"Did you see the car?" asked the officer.

"No, I just heard its engine and its wheels screeching of the concrete."

They let her go after a few hours. Her mom waited for her at the parking lot of the station.

"Are you okay, dear?" her mom asked her as the car moved out of the parking lot.

She nodded while putting on her seatbelt, looking down and hoping she'll forget about this soon enough.

It was Monday once again, and she felt eyes pierce at her as she walked through the dim marbled halls of the school.

That afternoon, she was sitting on one of the benches on the school lawn. Kevin, her best and only friend in school sat beside her.

"Still in your head?" he asked, putting his arm on her back, looking at her earnestly in the eyes.

She took a deep breath and looked on the wet dark green grass. She tried not to look at the woody area where she saw the body. Kevin held her closer to him and stayed silent as she was.

Kevin Ryan and Jeanne Mercier met on their 4th grade in Terry Black Prep. Ever since they met, they were hard to separate when they were together.

He took a deep breath and gave out a huge sigh. "It's gonna be alright, J. You'll get over it soon."

Jeanne looked at him. His dark blue eyes gleamed lighter in the afternoon sunlight and his short uneven light brown hair became more recognizable.

From that moment Jeanne remembered how much she really liked Kevin in the very first place. He was the first one to talk to Jeanne when they met and she could recall how easily she was taken away by his appeal.

Those eyes…his very provocative eyes, as Jeanne once thought before, and his touch. A touch she only has felt from Kevin, made her heart thump hard, but soothed her as well.

But that was before she knew Claudia. The beautiful and undefeatable Claudia. It happened one time when Kevin and Jeanne went to the coffee shop to meet Claudia, a friend of Kevin. When she arrived, Kevin stood from his seat, and she kissed Kevin on the lips; not so usual for a "friend".

She felt a sense of bitterness within her when she sat there looking at them, as Kevin closed his eyes with the girl.

It was a quick kiss, but that marked the end of her fancy for Kevin, at least in an utterly desirable way.

"Hey, do you wanna go to the bridge this weekend?" asked Kevin, interrupting Jeanne's thoughts.