Anna walked into her backyard to a familiar sight. There were a few guys sitting around a fire and she had expected it. Jason, her brother texted her earlier that day saying, "fire in the backyard tonight?" Anna couldn't care either way she had to work until ten thirty and then had plans after work. She texted him back mentioning she wouldn't be around.

It was funny how so much had changed over the past couple of years. Anna had come out of her shell so her and Jason had been getting along much better than they used to. Anna had a natural prettiness to her. She had golden blonde hair and hazel eyes that sparkled when she smiled, but nobody had recognized it until recently. Jason was always the more outgoing of the two. He had the charm, the athleticism, and just the overall personality that made girls go ga-ga and guys respect him. In some ways Anna was jealous. However, eventually she found the friends whom she didn't need to be shy around. She became slightly more outgoing, but if her and Jason were pitted against each other he'd win anyone over with just his charm and Anna knew it. She didn't care as much anymore though. She had found her own place and was happy with it. Although she kept up with her studies and still enjoyed reading she no longer felt the need to immerse herself in it all to keep away from the world that seemed to be running in circles around her. She began to run with it.

Jason, being Jason always planned little get togethers and big get togethers. He couldn't be alone. It was in his nature to always have someone around. Tonight was no different. He began including his sister in his plans when she actually started acting like less of a loser-ish wallflower. He knew it was mean to say that about his own sister, but he could never understand how they were so different from each other and then began to have similar interests. That night Jason decided to have a fire in his backyard with some people. It was a little past ten thirty and so far there were only four of them. Everyone else wasn't showing up until a little later.
Anna looked at the guys and flashed a smile, she knew it was her best feature. She recognized her brother, Devon and Tyler, but she hadn't a clue who the other guy was. At the moment she wasn't too concerned. She noticed he was telling a story and realized right away she enjoyed his voice. There was a deep and husky sound to it, but that was no matter, at the moment she needed to get ready quickly before Courtenay picked her up so she ran into the house.

The house was neither too big nor too small. It was a comfortable size for the four person family. However, there was always enough room for extra. Since Anna could remember the Lloyd household had been your basic drop-in for friends and family that needed a place to stay. Anna'a dad was lounging on the well-used couch in the living room. When she walked up the stairs from the landing she caught a glimpse of him lying there watching TV. She knew her mom had gone to bed already.

"Hey Dad?" Anna knew she had no time to waste, but couldn't help asking about the other boy in the backyard.

"Yea?" Her father, Phil sounded a little groggy.

"Who's all here?"

"I don't know I haven't been outside recently. Why do you ask?"

Anna didn't want to sound too curious or desperate to know the other guy's name, but for some reason she couldn't help but wonder.

"Oh I was just wondering because I recognize Devon and Ty, but not the other guy."

"Oh that's probably Justin Jenkins."

"Really?" Anna wasn't sure if she was holding back her shock very well. Justin was a well known quarterback in the football community. Jason was a well-known quarterback as well. The two had become friends, but Anna didn't know they had become good enough friends for Justin to be hanging out at her house.

"Yea, you've never seen him before?"


"Oh. are you going out?"

"Yes. Court will be here in a bit to pick me up I have to get ready."

"Ok. Well Justin is staying over tonight and I'm going to bed. Good night Anna-banana."


Anna just shook her head and ran to her room to get ready for the bar. Justin and the fire in her backyard had taken a backseat in her mind as she got ready. Anna took the fastest shower in the history of her life. She rubbed on some sweet smelling lotion, threw on a pair of white skinny jeans, a long turquoise shirt (one that she knew most girls used as a dress), and cute black stilettos. She blew dry her hair, thanking God at the moment that he gave her poker straight hair that she didn't have to fiddle with. Anna was never heavy on the make-up. He skin was very nice so she put on a touch of pink shimmery blush, eye shimmer, mascara and some yummy Victoria Secret lipgloss and ran out the door down her driveway. The only thing she could say was a quick good bye.

"Hey!" Anna said as she hopped in shotgun of Courtenay's pearl white lexus. Her family wasn't rich, but Grandma had cash and bought the car as soon as Court got her license.

"Hhhiiiii" Court had one of those sickly sweet voices. Usually Anna couldn't stand girls like her, but somehow Court was different. In high school Courtenay was one of those girls you thought was never going to grow up. She was the a kid sister of high school. She talked about her troll blankets, and arts and crafts in grade 12. Mostly everybody loved her because she wasn't at all drama filled. Eventually, as with all of us, Courtenay did grow up. She was actually completely gorgeous and extremely fun, and just like with Anna nobody realized it. Soon Court was on the party/bar scene more than anyone else. Most people didn't even recognize her, but in general, she was the same old Court.

Anna and Courtenay weren't the best of friends in high school and still weren't, but they kept up with each others lives and went out together on occasion. That Thursday night happened to be one of the times they were hanging out.

"Ok so we have to go pick up Maz and then we'll be on our way" Court said.

Maz was more Court's friend than Anna's, but he was a total sweetheart and got along well with most people. (by the way his actually name is Brandon, but everyone calls him Maz for his last name).


Maz's house wasn't far and they pulled up in no time. Maz jumped in and had something in his hand.

"Hello ladies. Court I have a present for you." Maz was beaming when he handed her the CD. Those two were the best of friends. It was too bad Court was oblivious to notice Maz had the biggest crush on her. It was also a shame Court already had a serious boyfriend. They'd be the couple everyone would be jealous of. The two nicest people you could meet and both totally gorgeous, yet modest. Maz had won a photo shoot for a magazine one time when a photographer picked him out of a crowd at the bar and he thought the lady that picked him was crazy. Anyone who caught a glimpse of Maz knew this lady had picked perfectly fine.

"Oh thank you!" Court stopped the CD that was playing and put Maz's in. It was the perfect Court Mix.
O-Town - All or Nothing
Estelle ft. Kanye West - American Boy
T-Pain - Buy you a Drank (for her T-pain shoulders of course)

And obviously so much more, but those songs were key for any Courtenay CD these days. As they drove to the bar, the trio sang, chair danced and talked about those things that aren't really important and you never remember when or why you talked about them.