I saw you again

I saw you again

You startled me

I never thought I'd see you there

Never really thought I'd see you at all

But there you were

Looking beautiful as ever

Your curly black hair

Blonde highlights

Your cocky smile

But for once

My heart didn't skip a beat

I didn't blush when you look at me

I didn't long for your love

I just look back at you

I could see it in your eyes

You regretted letting me go

You wished I was yours still

But no

Not anymore

Never again

I smiled at you

Did your heart skip a beat?

I hope so

The irony is amazing

I worshipped you

I would have done anything for you

You were like a god to me

So far above me

Yet now it's changed

You miss me

You want me

And I don't care

I've moved on

I was right

I didn't deserve you

I deserve better

You are just a silly boy

Playing silly games with people's minds

But it doesn't matter any more

You have no power over me anymore

I'm free

Free at last

My heart didn't skip a beat