The lake is still

Still as glass

It shines with the light of the moon and a million stars

Such beauty

How can such beauty survive when my love is gone?

He is gone

Lost forever

One day he was there by my side

The next he had disappeared

Without a trace

I have searched


I had done all I can

My best

My heart bleeds for him

Part of me believes i will never see him again

Yet I know he still lives

For I live

I can't live without him

The only thing that is keeping me alive now is hope

But even hope dies

Even hope fades with the seasons

Hope disappears

If only I had one small hint

Something to renew my hope

But I find nothing

So I came here

To this lake

Searching for answers

Answers to an unknown question

I have always loved this place

So peaceful

So kind

So beautiful

Like my love

Oh how I miss him


I would do anything just to see him again


I sit


But for what I do not know

Hope maybe?

I watch the moon's reflection travel over the water

It reaches the middle of the lake

Suddenly everything seems to grow brighter

To glow

Then I see a graceful, strong swam glide down

Right to the reflection of the moon

I gasp

Never have I seem anything so beautiful as the moonlight dancing off the swan's feathers

Then something starts to happen

Mist forms around the swan

I stand

Straining my eyes

Trying to see what happens
when a man-

My man

My love

Steps out of the mist

I scream his name


And dash towards the lake

I plunge into the water

I swim

And swim

And swim

Where has he gone?

I grow tired

I can not see him

Did I imagine it?

Where is he?

I start to slow

I can't keep going

But now I'm too far from shore

I can't turn back

I can't go any father

I'm finished

I look up

I see the stars

Like thousands of eyes



I sigh

There is no hope

I let go

Sinking down

Down down


I whisper his name like a prayer


I am floating

What has happened?

Am I dead?

Of course

I must be floating towards heaven

I hope

There is no hope

I sigh

I feel tears running down my face

I was close

So close

Yet I still failed

He was right there

Yet i couldn't reach him

I feel something shake me

I look around

All I see is dark

I can't seem to open my eyes

Mara, please

He says


I sit upright


Yes, it's me.

My broke heart bursts

I force my swollen eyes open and look at his face

His shy smile

His eyes

Sparkling with love

Of all the things I wanted to say

Of all the things I felt

All I could say was

I missed you

He smiled and kissed my lips

I missed you too

But I must go now



The moon is almost off the lake

I will return to the shape of a swan

But you can't leave me

I say

I must

He kisses me again and says

You must kill the sorcerer

Only then I'll be free

I nodded

I love you

I love you

Then he was gone again

All that was left was a glowing feather

My only thought now was

Kill the Sorcerer

I couldn't live without Lorian

I got up

It's time to go hunting

I thought with a grin